William will return in Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps as Angelina and Alice's old friend, but a new student to Camembert Academy.


William the new student is a dramatic mouseling, similar to Three in Seven Little Monsters. He is called "Willy" by his friends. He takes different roles in each episode and sometimes dress like the same persons. He has many personalities and accents in each episode. He is only seen in several episodes where he acts as himself with no accent. He is voiced by Adam Wylie.

If some of the episodes of Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps are redone, it would have been:

Angelina's Musical Day: As Willy Beethoven (a parody of Ludwig van Beethoven). Speaks with a strong German accent. Later, he plays the cat from Peter and the Wolf. While playing as a cat, his face was painted to look like a real cat. He even meows and purrs.

Angelina's Crazy Solo: As Willy Beethoven again.

Angelina's Rock Band: As Elvis Willy Presley (a parody of Elvis Presley).

Angelina and the Giant: As Willy D'Artagnan. (a parody of D'Artagnan from The Three Musketeers). Speaks with a French accent.

Angelina and Super Polly: As a superhero with a voice similar to Clark Kent (Superman).

Angelina's Dance Like a Cake Day: As a Spanish flamenco dancer. Speaks with a strong Spanish accent.

Angelina's Noisy, Messy Lunchtime: As Professor Willy Higgins (a parody of Henry Higgins of My Fair Lady). Speaks with an uptight British accent and a voice similar to Rex Harrison.

Angelina's Holiday Treats: As Jacob Willy (a parody of Jacob Marley of A Christmas Carol). Speaks with another British accent with a little Cockney in it.

Angelina Keeps the Peace: As a cowboy with a voice similar to John Wayne.

Angelina and Gracie's Creative Day: As Willy Vivaldi (a parody of Antonio Vivaldi). Speaks with a heavy Italian accent.

Angelina Cheerleader: As a coach with a voice similar to Billy Crystal.

Angelina's Lunch Table: As a lawyer with a voice similar to Rodney Dangerfield.

Angelina and the Big News: As a wedding usher with a voice similar to Ray Liotta.

Angelina's Secret Valentine: As a cupid with a voice similar to Jerry Seinfeld.

Angelina and the Musical Plant: As a Spanish flamenco dancer again.

Angelina's Hip Hop Boys Show: As P. Willy (a parody of P. Diddy). Speaks with an African American accent.

Angelina and the Cheddar Cheese Slide: As Willy Melies (a parody of Georges Melies). Speaks with another French accent.

Angelina and the Case of the Missing Music: As Sherlock Willy (a parody of Sherlock Holmes). Speaks with another British accent.

Angelina, the Pet Sitter: As an Australian bird hunter with a voice similar to Steve Irwin.

Angelina and the Art Show: As Willy Da Vinci ( a parody of Leonardo da Vinci). Speaks with another Italian accent.

Angelina and the Hiccups: As a doctor with a voice similar to Don Stark.

Angelina's Camembert Parade: As a soldier with a voice similar to Sarge from Cars.

Angelina and the Bandleader: As a Willy Vivaldi again.

Angelina and Polly's Two Hour Show: As a King Arthur Willy. Speaks with another British accent.

Angelina and the Marcel Mouseau Mime Challenge: As Willy Melies again.

Angelina and the Disco Dance Craze: As Willy Manero (a parody of Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever). Speaks with a voice similar to John Travolta.

Angelina and the Mouselinghood of the Dancing Shoes: As Elvis Willy Presley again.

Angelina and Her Parents' Dance Lessons: As Scatman Willy (a parody of Scatman Crothers). Speaks with another African American accent.

Angelina and the Poster: As a cowboy again, but speaks with another voice similar to Hank Williams.

Angelina's Spring Fling: As Willy Vivaldi again.

Angelina and the Hearts On Ice: As a hockey coach with a voice similar to Chris Rock.

Angelina's Kitchen Band: As Willy Brando ( a parody of Marlon Brando).

Angelina's Helpful Friend: As a reporter with a voice similar to Cary Grant.

Angelina Jumps the River: As a coach with Billy Crystal's voice again.

Angelina and the Carnival: As a Mexican Mariachi mouseling. Speaks with another Spanish accent.

Angelina and the Windy Children's Day: As a Chinese Emperor. Speaks with a Chinese accent.

Angelina's Father's Day Surprise: As a Russian Cossack. Speaks with a Russian accent. His costume and mannerisms are similar to Vladimir from Anastasia.

Angelina and Polly's Big Day: As a cowboy with John Wayne's voice again.

Angelina's Indian Lunchtime: As an Indian mouseling wearing a Rama costume from Ramayana. Speaks with an Indian accent.

Angelina, AZ and Cheesy Z: As P. Willy again.

Angelina and the Dragon Dance: As a Chinese Emperor again.

Angelina's Opera: As an Italian opera singer.


Willy has grey fur with blue eyes. His normal attire consists of a red T-shirt, dark blue trousers, black sneakers and a yellow wristband around his right wrist. He is best friends with Marco and AZ and looks almost similar to Marco, except for his appearance. They have great adventures together. Nevertheless, Willy now claims Angelina as his friend, not boyfriend. His normal voice sounds like Peter Pan.


Angelina's Musical Day:

Angelina: Is Gracie okay?

Marco: She's quackers.

Willy: Ja. Gracie's getting kind of gamey. Or should I say, und crazy?

Gracie: Mrs. Mimi lost her voice?

Marco: Oh no!

Willy: Nein! This could not be happening. We can fix this?

Viki: But how?

Angelina and the Super Polly:

Polly: Ooh! I have super strength. This is easy!

Marco: No, it isn't.

Willy: Take it easy, kiddo. Don't brag about it at first.

Polly: Oh. I'm really, really frustrated!

Marco: Because we helped you?

Polly: No. Because I'm not super at anything.

Willy: Polly, you've got a lot to learn about what it takes to be a real super hero, kid.

Angelina's Lunch Table:

Gracie: Angelina, I've been waiting for you. You wanted to see my fashion drawings, right?

Angelina: Um.

Willy: Well said, Gracie. Well said. Since I'm lawyer Willy, I'm sure that this friendship issue is going to be hard on yourself, Angelina.

Angelina: How do you mean, Willy?

Willy: Is this how you feel when all of your friends wanted to talk to you. Check this out for yourself.

Marco: Angelina, we're poem partners and I've found the perfect poem!

Viki: I thought we could be partners.

Alice: Yeah, I want to be your partner, Angelina.

Angelina: Oh, sorry, but Marco asked me first.

Willy: See what I mean?

Angelina: Yeah, right, Willy. I feel dizzy.

All: Be my partner, Angelina.

Willy: Order! Order! Geez, I don't get no respect!

Marco: Let's practice our poem together.

Angelina: Uh. I have an idea. Let's play musical chairs.

Alice: We can use the friendship wand like a baton.

Angelina: I'll be the conductor.

Viki: We all have to watch Angelina.

Willy: Welcome to the world of insanity, folks!

Alice: I got one!

Viki: I'm sitting!

Marco: I got one too!

Gracie: Ooh, I still don't have a place to sit. Can we play that one more time?

Angelina: Yeah. That was fun.

Viki: Got one!

Alice: Got one!

Marco: Got one again!

Gracie: Oh! That was not fun!

A few minutes later.

Willy: Ok, folks. Let me tell ya something. You all want to be Angelina's friends, don't you?

Alice: Yes.

Gracie: Oui.

Viki: Yeah.

Marco: We really liked her.

Willy: Don't worry bout it, folks. Now, one question by one person at time. Gracie, why do you choose Angelina as your friend?

Gracie: Well, it's because she is my good friend. We always dance the pas de deux together.

Willy: I see. That makes sense. And you desperately want her back to help see your fashion drawings.

Gracie: Oui, Willy. I really do.

Willy: Then your case is dismissed. I now call the next witness. I call to the stand, Viki!

Viki: Ok, Willy.

Willy: Now, Viki. Tell me, do you like Angelina as your friend.

Viki: Oh, yes. She is so fun! We love to solve problems together. She is a good tap dance partner.

Willy: I agree that she is the best tap dancer just like you. Now, will you remind her kindly about that ticket you bought for the two of you?

Viki: Yes.

Willy: Good. Your case is dismissed. For my next witness, I call to the stand Marco.

Marco: Ok, Willy.

Willy: So tell me, Marco. Do you like Angelina as your friend?

Marco: Of course.

Willy: I'm afraid there's more to your friendship with her than meets the eye. I think you love her too.

Marco: Why yes. I love her.

Willy: Ooh, love is in the air! (guffaws)

Angelina and the Case of the Missing Music:

Angelina: What will you do, Viki? (Viki is reading her book) Viki?

Viki: Oh, uhm. If I've got smooth music, I'll do smooth slidey searching steps. As if I'm searching..

Willy: Don't tell me. Let me guess.

All: For clues?

Viki: Exactly!

Willy: I was afraid you're going to say that, my good lady.

Viki: I've got to keep it smooth.

Willy: Smooth as your head right now.

Viki: Not exactly, Willy. What does my music sound like, Marco?

Viki: Don't worry, I'll find it.

Willy: Yes. This looks like a job for Sherlock Willy and his trusty sidekick, Viki!

Viki: First, we need to know exactly what it looks like.

Willy: Good! I'll write it down!

Marco: Well, it was a piece of paper with lines and dots on.

Willy: Piece of paper. Yes, yes. I'm beginning to see it now.

Viki: Hmm. Anything else?

Willy: Yes, are there any other descriptions?

Marco: And it had the words "Angelina and Viki's Dance" written on the top.

Willy: Angelina and Viki's Dance. Let me think. Egad! I knew it!

Viki: Perfect. So now we know what we're looking for.

Willy: Quite right, my good lady. Quite right.

Viki: The first thing to do is retrace Marco's steps.

Willy: We're just going to have to do it right so the mystery will be solved perfectly.

Angelina: So what are we doing here?

Viki: We need to follow the journey Marco made this morning. And see if we can find the music.

Willy: Retracing is the most important part of detective work. Marco must have left it somewhere.

Marco: There seem to be a lot of things you have to do if you're a detective.

Viki: Tell me about it.

Willy: Well, old chap. Looks like we've just have to do our best to find your missing music.

Viki: So, Marco. Are you sure you had it when you left your house?

Marco: Absolutely!

Willy: Hey! I just found my first clue! Egad!

Viki: So where did you go next?

Willy: Yes. Come on, old chap. Tell us.

Marco: I went to Mrs. Thimble's to buy a pencil sharpener.

Viki: Aha! Follow me!

Mrs. Mimi: Hello, Viki. Willy.

Viki: I think you'll find that piece belongs to Marco. Case closed!

Willy: Yep. One mystery that we can crack.

Mrs. Mimi: This piece of frilly lace belongs to Marco?

Angelina: I don't think it does, Viki.

Marco: I know it doesn't!

Willy: Well, I never thought of that before. Guess I've just jumped the case.

Viki: Oh, sorry. I was looking for a piece of sheet music. I don't suppose you've seen one?

Willy: Yes. It was Marco's piece of music.

Mrs. Mimi: Sorry, Viki. Willy. No.

Viki: So, Marco. What did you do next?

Willy: Yes, my good man. Tell us where did you go next.

Marco: I went to Angelina's.

Viki: Aha!

Angelina: Aha?

Viki: Aha! Then the secret of the missing music must be in the house.

Willy: By George, I think she's got it! To Angelina's house!

Angelina: What is it, Viki?

Viki: Marco, where did you put your music down when you came in?

Marco: Um, on the kitchen table.

Willy: Well, old chap. Let's hope for nothing but the best.

Angelina and the Art Show:

Viki: I promise to use my imagination.

Angelina: And I promise to have tons of fun.

Willy: Fun? Did I hear art-a is-a fun? Does Willy Da Vinci need to-a make-a a masterpiece?

Mrs. Mimi: Of course you can, Willy. It's all about using your imagination.

Viki: Mrs. Mimi gave me the art supplies. This is called and easel.

Willy: Interesting. Viki, you are a born-a natural-a painter. I like-a your-a style!

Angelina: We did it! We're in a painting!

Gracie: Magnifique!

Willy: Stupendo! This calls-a for a celebration-a!

Angelina: Whoa! (knocks the painting over)

Willy: Oh no! The painting-a! It's-a ruined!

Marco: Uh oh. This is not a pretty picture

Gracie: It is terrible!

Willy: What must we do-a now-a?

Angelina's Hiccups:

Angelina and the Marcel Mouseau Mime Challenge:

Gracie: What is Marco doing? Willy: I think I know what is going on here. (laughs) Angelina: He's washing an imaginary piece of glass. Willy: Ces't magnifique!

Angelina and the Disco Dance Craze:

Viki: There you are. Willy: Yeah, just what are you folks doin' here anyways? Viki: We need your help back at Mrs. Thimble's store. Gracie: Oh no! We forgot all about the time! Willy: Exactomundo, Grace. Exactomundo.

Angelina's Spring Fling:

Angelina: We can listen to some music called Spring from the Four Seasons. That's by Vivaldi.

Willy: Spring? What is-a this I heard-a about-a spring? It's from me, isn't it. The great-a maestro Willy Vivaldi. Does-a Willy Vivaldi need-a to listen to his own-a music?

Angelina: (laughs) Sure thing, Willy. I'm going to play it right now.

Alice: (after listening to the song) I do feel springier.

Gracie: I do not.

Marco: Here comes another snowstorm.

Willy: Indeed. A snowstorm could-a hurt-a you in this weather.

Angelina: So, do you think this lucky nuts are working?

Gracie: Pas du tout. Not at all.

Marco: Better move out of the way, cause I'm gonna hit a home run.

Gracie: Oh, you think so?

Willy: That's right. Put her there!

Angelina: My turn. Slugger Angelina is up at bat next.

Alice: Uh oh. It's heading out of the park.

Willy: I got er' wide open!

Marco: Ta da!

Gracie: I got it! I got it! I got it!

Willy: No, I got it!

Gracie: Oh, voila!

Angelina, AZ and Cheesy Z:

Angelina: AZ has absolutely no idea that we're going to throw a surprise birthday party for him.

Viki: He thinks we don't really care. But we do!

Angelina: But where is Marco? He promised to help us.

Viki: Yeah, and Willy too.

Angelina: Oh right. Good old P. Willy is on the house to help. (laughs)

Willy: Watch out, man. You almost hit the pillars.

Marco: Oops. Careful.

Willy: You're doing just great, Marco my man. Watch out for the fuzz.

AZ: Excuse me. Coming through.

Both: Whoa!

Willy: Yo, watch it, man!

Marco: AZ!

AZ: Sorry, Marco. You too Willy. But I'm in a big rush. I'm going back to Mrs. Thimble's store to get something unbelievably amazing!

Willy: You know that AZ's really lost it this time, don't ya, bro?

Marco: (shrugs) I have no idea.

Marco: Isn't walking great?

Willy: Yeah, bro. Go with the flow. Chillax in the air.

AZ: I guess. But having a Cheesy Z cap for my birthday would have been much better.

Marco: Your birthday is next week, right?

Willy: Yeah, we still have time to plan the party, bro.

AZ: No. It's tomorrow.

Marco: Oh, yeah. I got to go. Bye!

Willy: Peace out, AZ, my man. Peace out! (clicks tongue)

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