"We're Best Friends" is a song performed by the Camembert students: Angelina, Alice, Marco, Gracie, Viki and A.Z. in a line dance in a doo-wop theme tune for Camembert Academy. It appeared in the episode "Angelina and the Mouselinghood of Dancing Shoes" and in the Hit Entertainment film Angelina Ballerina: The First Movie. In the movie version, they sing the song with Lucy.


Boys: We're best friends, shoo bee doo wop
Yes, we're best friends, shoo bee doo wop wop
No matter the weather was gonna stick together
'Cause we're best friends, yeah

Girls: Through thick and thin
We're good friends
Wherever you're going, I want you to know
You're my best friend, oh yeah

Boys: And if you call out my name
Girls: My name
Boys: Yes, you'll know I'll be right there
Girls: Right there
Boys: To brighten up your day
A.Z.: And show you I care
Marco: I care
Angelina: I care
All: We care!

We're all friends
Boys: Diddy doo wop shoo wop
All: Doo-wop!

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