Angelina and her friends dancing

Season 5 will premiere on February 4th, 2015.

Specials Edit

  1. Angelina's Baby Brother: Angelina and Polly were so happy that they finally have a baby brother name Thomas Arthur Mouseling (or Tom or Tommy for short), But notice that he was too young to play with them and Angelina feels upset about it. Note: Tommy Mouseling makes his debut in this special.
  2. Angelina Saves Christmas: It's almost Christmas and the reincats are sick with the flu. So it's up to Angelina, Alice and all their friends to save Christmas and deliver presents around the world with their antlers sticking out of their heads and with Angelina's and Alice's noses glowing red and leading them with Ms. Mimi pulling the sleigh.</nowiki>
  3. Angelina and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Alice gets a cuckoo clock for Ledonna's surprise birthday party. But when it flies away, it's up to Angelina, Alice and Dodger to get it back! In Wonderland, they meet A.Z. the King of Time, Gracie the White Queen, Flower Princess Viki, the Tweedles (played by Polly and Bud), Marco the Hatter, Mimi the Red Queen and Cheshire Willy. Note: Willy is the Cheshire mouse in the episode.</nowiki>
  4. Angelina's New Friend: When her flying motorcycle best friend, Motorola, gets broken, the Hyper Girls' lead guitarist, back-up singer, primary songwriter and bandleader, Mandy Collins, crash-lands in Chipping Cheddar and gets scared and worried because she is lost and stranded and doesn't know how to get home. So Angelina, Alice, Marco, Gracie, Viki, A.Z., Polly, Dodger and Carlo make new friends and spend the whole summer with her and a Scottish mouseling farmer named Jeanie. She knows just how to help Mandy while her motorbike friend gets fixed at the repair shop. So Jeanie becomes an honorary member of Angelina's new team.
  5. Angelina Ballerina: The Dance Concert: In this Christmas concert special, Angelina and Alice go on tour at the Butlins Shopping Mall of Fame with host Tessa Wilson and her friends, Sophia Grace, Rosie, Laura, Ruby, Poppy and Sunny. They do "Tippy Toe Tumble" with an audience member. But when Tessa calls Dr. Tuttle on the phone, he tells them that Gracie has sprained her ankle! They are so upset! So Tessa takes over Gracie's place. But when she gets shy, Angelina and Alice cheer her up and teach her how to dance.
  6. Angelina and Alice's Sweet 16: It's Angelina and Alice's birthday party, so Marco, Gracie, Viki, A.Z., Ms. Mimi, Polly, Carlo, Dodger and Jeanie are throwing a party for them. Angelina, Alice and the whole gang set off to so many great events and races in this party. Note: Willy is the host in this episode.


Season 1 Edit

  1. Angelina's New Puppy: The Mouseling Family has a surprise for Angelina: a new puppy who talks like mouselings and humans! His name is Dodger. As you can see, Dodger loves adventure and he loves talking to mouselings and other people and Angelina and Alice can't wait to visit him as their sidekick and they become best friends with them. Note: This marks as the first episode to feature Dodger as Angelina's sidekick.
  2. Angelina and the Beanstalk: Angelina, Gracie and Viki encounter five magic beans in the garden to plant them so it can grow into an enormous tall beanstalk. When they climb to the top of the stalk, they see a big farm where a giant named Willy lives who captured Dodger and locked him up in a small cage so it's up to Angelina, Gracie and Viki to save him! Note: Willy is a giant in this episode.
  3. Angelina and Little Red Alice Hood: Angelina, Little Red Alice Hood, Gracie, Viki, A.Z. and Dodger make some chicken noodle soup for a sick and sniffly Marco who was out camping and stuck in his tent and take it to him so he can feel better but they have to stay away from a hungry Big Bad Wolf who wants their soup. Note: Willy is the Big Bad Wolf in this episode.
  4. Angelina and the New Kitten: Marco gets a pet cat named Basil, whom he enters into the Annual Chipping Cheddar Kitty Challenge Contest. But when Basil runs away, it's up to Angelina and her friends to find him and get him ready in time for the competition.
  5. Angelina's Treasure Hunt: Angelina and her friends set out to find buried treasure across Chipping Cheddar. It's going to be one stupendous pirate treasure hunt! Note: Willy is a pirate in this episode.
  6. Angelina Plays Fair: Marco is taking part of a soccer competition and starts to practice which causes more trouble than good. He lost his confidence and thinks that he should be benchwarmer forever. However, his friends help him get his confidence back. Note: Willy is a soccer coach in this episode.
  7. Angelina and the Night Monster: Strange things are happening at Camembert Academy at night. The school is haunted for sure, and now AZ has to master his new ninja skills to solve the spooky mystery. Meanwhile, Marco has to overcome his fear of the dark. Luckily, the monster turned out to be Marco's kitten, Basil, looking for food. Everyone was relieved. Note: Willy is Rod Serling in this episode.
  8. Angelina's Camembert Cooking Class: It's cooking time at Camembert Academy and Mrs. Mimi teaches Angelina and her friends how to make a simple Italian pasta dish. Note: Willy is an Italian chef in this episode. This episode is similar to "High Noon" from Seven Little Monsters. The major difference is that Three is a French chef while Willy is an Italian chef.
  9. Angelina's Blue Moon Serenade: While not dancing, Angelina sometimes gazes, sings and dances to the moon at night. She needs Marco's help to compose a new moon themed song and dance.
  10. Angelina's Camembert Circus: When the circus unexpectedly cancels its visit to Chipping Cheddar, Angelina and her friends are very disappointed. So, they came out with a plan, put on their own circus show at Camembert Academy for everyone to see! Mrs. Mimi becomes a guest ringmaster, Angelina dances on the tightrope, Alice does her gymnastics and acrobatic act, Gracie becomes a fortune teller, Viki flies off a trapeze, A.Z. gets shot out of a cannon and Marco performs a hilarious clown act. The show turned out to be a success! Note: Willy is a ringmaster in this episode. He is known as PT. Willy, a parody of P.T. Barnum. His voice sounds like Sam the Eagle from The Muppets.

Season 2 Edit

  1. Angelina's Winter Symphony: It's winter time at Chipping Cheddar, and Angelina and her friends wanted to spend the day having fun playing snowball fights, making snow angels, building a snowmouse and other fun winter things!
  2. Angelina's Picture Perfect Art: Angelina wants to paint a stupendous picture of a prima ballerina. It takes a lot of work, but she manages to complete the painting in time for the art contest. Note: Willy is Willy Da Vinci again in this episode.
  3. Angelina and Polly's Boo-Boo: Polly gets injured after sliding down the slide at the park. She has a big boo boo on her left wrist. Now, it's up to Marco and his new medic skills to help Polly get better by using the right tools on his medical backpack. Note: Willy is a doctor in this episode. His voice sounds like Don Stark.
  4. Angelina's Bad Cold: Angelina catches the flu and has to stay at home in bed for the rest of the day. It's up to her friends to try and cheer her up and make her feel better, especially Marco's medic skills by using the right tools for his special patient. But eventually, all of her friends got sick, too, even Marco, who is ready for the flu too. He has the loudest sneeze of all. Note: Willy is a doctor again in this episode. Once again, he has his Don Stark voice.
  5. Angelina and the Duckling: Ms. Mimi takes Angelina and her friends on a field trip to the farm. They met lots of animals of all shapes and sizes. When a runaway duckling shows up, Viki wants to keep it, but Mrs. Mimi warns her that taking care of a young animal is a big responsibility. Soon, Viki needs to let the little duckling go when he reunites with his parents. Note: Willy is a farmer in this episode.
  6. Angelina and the Magic Box: Angelina finds an old fashioned magic kit in the attic. She brings it to school for show and tell class. A.Z. is super interested in it, so he wants to give the magic kit a try. Being a magician, Willy manages to goof up his magic tricks at first, but soon after lots of practice and help from a surprise assistant, A.Z., he turns out to be super at magic. Now A.Z. and Willy must get ready for the big show. Note: Willy is a magician in this episode. He is known as the Great Willydini (a parody of Houdini) and speaks with a Scottish accent. His voice sounds like Scrooge McDuck.
  7. Angelina's Beach Party: Angelina and her friends are having a good time at the beach. When Gracie decides to dive into the ocean to see the fish below, Mrs. Mimi warns her about a shark lurking around in the ocean. Can Gracie live up to Mrs. Mimi's advice? Note: Willy is a surfer in this episode.
  8. Angelina and the Runaway Bat: When Viki founds a lost baby bat who got lost, she decides to take care of it, but soon she learns the hard way to let the little bat go.
  9. Angelina Private Eye: After Angelina watches a detective movie at home with Polly and her little brother Tommy, she decides to play detective with her friends at school and became private eye mouselings. Note: Willy is a private eye detective in this episode.
  10. Angelina's Fear Factor: When A.Z.'s tooth falls out, Ms. Mimi decides that he should go to the dentist. A.Z. freaks out and leaves the classroom. Soon, to overcome A.Z.'s fear of the dentist, Mrs. Mimi asks the rest of her students to show their greatest fears and learn to be brave. Angelina hates eating turnips, Alice is afraid of cramps during her gymnastics routine, Gracie is afraid of centipedes, Viki is afraid of snakes, Marco is afraid of the dark. Meanwhile, Polly also shows her fear of the dentist. After she and Tommy find out what are Angelina and her friends afraid of, she decides to help A.Z. to be brave at the last minute. Finally, A.Z. overcomes his fear of the dentist. Note: Willy is Rod Serling again in this episode.

Season 3 Edit

  1. Angelina and the New Student: A new mouseling is coming to town and his name is Carlo. He is a young mouseling from Italy who likes music and theatre. Angelina and her friends couldn't wait to meet him!
  2. Angelina and the Rodeo Challenge: Angelina and her friends are planning to build their own rodeo match challenge at Camembert Academy. With A.Z. as the bull rider and Marco as the rodeo clown, things went off without a hitch! Note: Willy is a cowboy again in this episode.
  3. Angelina's Fruitful Adventure: Angelina, Dodger and her friends are getting ready for the annual Mouseland Fruit Carnival. They pick up and collect many fruits wherever they go. But when Viki's fruits were accidentally squashed, it's up to Angelina and her friends to help Viki create new stacks of fruits that she brings. Note: Willy is a Mexican mouseling again in this episode.
  4. Angelina and Carlo's Hat: Carlo has a hat that he treasures and brings it to school on show and tell. But when Carlo's hat has gone missing, it's up to Angelina and her friends to find the missing hat. Note: Willy is Sherlock Willy again in this episode.
  5. Angelina's Parents' Day: Angelina and her friends were celebrating Parents' Day at Chipping Cheddar. All of the mouselings have something special for each of their parents, but Marco wants to do something more than just giving his mom flowers and his dad new sunglasses. Will Marco find the perfect surprise for his mom and dad?
  6. Angelina Camps Out: Angelina, Dodger and her friends are going camping in the woods with the assistance from Mrs. Mimi. The mouselings go fishing, boating, hiking, play dodgeball, put on a talent show, sit around a campfire, cook s'mores and even take turns telling each other spooky stories, but A.Z.'s story is the spookiest of all: The Story of the One-Eyed Lake Monster. Note: Willy is a park ranger in this episode. His voice sounds like W.C. Fields. Featuring Roger Moore as the voice of The Bear.
  7. Angelina and the Sea Captain: When Willy Polo (a parody of Marco Polo) surprises his friends with a huge pirate ship, he decides to go on an adventure. However, he needs their help to solve mysteries and clues aboard the pirate ship. It's going to be quite an adventure: Note: Willy is Willy Polo in this episode. He speaks with an Italian accent. Sometimes, Angelina confuses herself whether to call Willy by his real name or Marco (as in Marco Polo. There are two Marcos at the moment!).
  8. Angelina Breaks the News: Ms. Mimi wants her students to prepare their own news program for their school. Dodger and the mouselings practiced being presenters, but Alice is so nervous that at all times, she doesn't seem to get her lines right! Will Angelina and her friends help Alice overcome her fear of public speaking in their own news program? Note: Willy is a newsman in this episode. His voice sounds like Jon Stewart.
  9. Angelina and Leodonna: A new family of muskrats moved in from Louisiana to Chipping Cheddar. They are the Complisons! Their names are Bud Complison the younger brother, Maria Complison the mother, Luis Complison the father and Michelle Complison the youngest. But the most important new student coming to Camembert is Leodonna Complison. She the older sister of the group. She joins the class at Camembert Academy. Note: Willy is the newsman again in this episode.
  10. Angelina Goes Digital: After Alice, Dodger, Polly, Tommy and Angelina hit the wrong button on a video game console, they were transported to the video game. Now they need to complete every level in the game to get out.

Season 4 Edit

  1. Angelina and the King of Mouselings: While Carlo is drawing pictures of Angelina and Alice in the good old days, Marco decides to become the King and be crowned by Ms. Mimi. While he is the king, they go on a quest to find the jewelry box that Polly misplaced. Note: Willy is a knight in the episode.
  2. Angelina's Firehouse Day: Angelina and her friends and family are attending the Mouseland Firehouse Day Cookout. While Angelina and her friends' parents are cooking, Fireman Willy teaches them about fire safety. Later, the mouselings get to put their skills to the test. Note: Willy is a fireman in this episode. His voice sounds like Jimmy Durante.
  3. Angelina's Cheese Wars: Angelina and her friends watched a movie from Mrs. Mimi at Camembert Academy. There are 3 episodes of Cheese Wars (a parody of Star Wars), similar to the Star Wars trilogy. In these stories, Angelina and her friends played the part of the characters in the movie with Leodonna as the judge.
  4. Angelina and the Secret Agent: When Viki gets kidnapped by Professor Clawbush, Angelina and her friends came to the rescue in a James Bond style adventure. Note: Willy is a secret agent in this episode. His voice sounds like James Bond. Also, we see A.Z. in his ninja form again. Willy and A.Z. also teaches rookie agent Marco who wears the same tuxedo as Willy's what it's like to go undercover as spies.
  5. Angelina and the Curse of the Were-Lion: After Angelina and her friends read the story of the Lion Man at school, there was a curse that affects a sweet treat at Mrs. Thimble's store. The hex becomes real when Leodonna's little brother, Bud, suddenly can drink the bottle of poisonous magic potion and transform into a huge hairy lion monster, the Were-Lion, whenever the moon is full. The next day, Bud even behaves like a lion and has been eating steaks ever since. Soon, Angelina and her friends start to get suspicious and freak out, until they take a close look at him and realizes that the lion is wearing a red hat and has green eyes. Will Angelina and her friends help Bud get back to normal? Note: Willy is Rod Serling again in this episode.
  6. Angelina's Valentine Surprise: Angelina finds a surprise Valentine's Day present. After she finds out that Marco gave it to her, she was thrilled and decides to go to him and say that she loves him back. Note: Willy is a cupid again in this episode. Angelina kisses Marco for the first time. She kissed him in the forehead.
  7. Angelina and the Big Present: It's Carlo's birthday and Angelina and her friends are accidentally getting him a big present that reveals to be a friendly giant wind-up toy monkey named Bruno. But when he runs away, he must try to look for him so they can take him home to his box. Note: Willy is a detective again in this episode. Featuring Bill Fagerbakke as Bruno.
  8. Angelina and the Great Race: It's Chipping Cheddar Race Car Day and Angelina and her friends are about to race each other across town to see who is the fastest mouseling. In the end, they learned that they don't need to be super fast to win the race. Note: Willy is a racecar driver in this episode. His costume is modeled after Ryder from Paw Patrol. His voice sounds like Jackie Mason. Viki's minivan, Marco's ambulance, Alice's snowmobile, Gracie's forklift and A.Z.'s ninja vehicle appear as well, along with each of their gear.
  9. Angelina and the Day of Chores: It's time for Angelina and her friends to do their errands at school. But Gracie is somewhat lazy to take out the trash, because it will ruin her beauty complexion. Mrs. Mimi reassures her that doing chores also can be fun, too. Note: Willy is a mad scientist in this episode. His voice sounds like Peter Lorre.
  10. Angelina and Hal Jarlsberg: Angelina's favorite stunt mouse, Hal Jarlsberg is coming to Chipping Cheddar to put on a fantastic daredevil show. Just before arrival, he has problems with his plane's engines! It's up to A.Z.'s missile drone to find Hal and Dr. Marco and his EMT skills to be there in case Hal has injuries. EMT Marco must use his reflex hammer, stethoscope and his other medical supplies. They should be ready in hand just in case.

Season 5Edit

  1. Angelina and the Sleeping Hedgehog: Viki finds a lost and scared baby hedgehog named Hilary in the forest. She was confused and disoriented, and really, really sleepy. Mrs. Mimi suggests that Viki must take Hilary to see Doctor Marco, he knows just what to do. EMT Marco must standby if she needs extra comfort from him. But when Hilary falls asleep for 100 years, Angelina, Gracie, Leodonna and Viki find the Magic Golden Harp, put it in a red wagon, take it to her and play her a stupendous tune to wake her up and take her home.
  2. Angelina and the Big Storm: Angelina goes off for a hike in Mozzarella Mountain. Suddenly, a heavy storm blows in and she falls into the snow. Her ankle is sprained and she also suffers from frostbite and hypothermia. A.Z.'s missile drone sets out to look for her. It's also up to Doctor Marco to check on her in case she has more injuries. They managed to find her in the nick of time. After EMT Marco's treatment goes well, he receives a huge kiss from Angelina. How romantic! Note: Angelina kisses Marco for the second time.
  3. Angelina Gets a Big Job: When Willy the giant decides to go away on a trip to visit his grandma, he tells Angelina to watch his farm with a list of things to do that he left on the front door while he's gone. When he leaves, she meets her friends, Alice, Marco, Gracie, Viki, A.Z., Carlo, Leodonna, Bud and Dodger. Then they take an airplane to Willy's farm in the sky. When they get there, they use the list of things to do to take care of Willy's farm before he comes back home. Note: Willy is a giant again in this episode.
  4. Angelina and the Karate Mouseling: Willy as Mr. Willyagi (a parody of Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid) is trying his best to earn his first black belt by finding fellow students to teach. He teaches Angelina and her friends the art of karate. There was an ancient scroll that holds the secrets of karate. The scroll is stolen by the villainous and ambitious rat Ping. To stop Ping, Mr. Willyagi chooses super karate student Marco to lead the mission to retrieve the scroll back to him. Note: Willy is a karate teacher in this episode. He is known as Mr. Willyagi. He speaks with a Japanese accent. He often calls Marco "Marco, san" throughout the episode.
  5. Angelina's Traffic Drills: Angelina and her friends learn about traffic safety in Chipping Cheddar. When Polly wants to live by the rules on her own, she still needs a lot to learn. It's up to Angelina and her friends to make sure that Polly obeys the traffic rules perfectly. Note: Willy is a police officer in this episode. His voice sounds like Phil Silvers.
  6. Angelina and the Great Chipmunk Rescue: A chipmunk family ran away after a storm destroys their tree. It's up to Angelina and her friends with their new Rescue Ranger gear to bring the chipmunks back home safely! Note: This marks the first episode with Angelina and her friends as a new team called The Rescue Rangers.
  7. Angelina's Basketball Match: Angelina and her friends participate in a basketball match at school. But during a friendly match, Gracie trips her foot and gets hurt. Her leg is swollen, so it's up to EMT Marco to take care of her. But when Doctor Marco is called in to substitute for the game, he is reluctant, since he is clumsy, he would mess everything up. But soon, he learns to believe in himself.
  8. Angelina and the Dolphin Rescue: Angelina and her friends went to the beach to do some dolphin watching. But one of the dolphins get caught in a fishing net! It's up to Angelina and her friends to use their Rescue Ranger gear to save the stuck dolphin before he gets fished away!
  9. Angelina and the Seals on Ice: Angelina and her friends are going on a winter expedition for the day. Suddenly, they saw some seals stranded on a huge block of ice in the middle of nowhere! Now, it's up to Alice and her snowmobile to help rescue the seals back to dry land and EMT Marco must be ready to check on the seals just in case they're too cold after being stuck on frozen ice.
  10. Angelina Rocks, Willy Rules!: The Complison family is moving back to Louisiana and Angelina, Alice, Marco, Gracie, Viki, A.Z., Ms. Mimi, Polly, Mr. Mouseling, Mrs. Mouseling, Carlo, Jeanie, Dodger, Tommy, Willy and all their families are throwing a surprise goodbye party for Leodonna and Bud in a huge TV and movie-filming studio where the show Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps was made. They discover fun songs and surprises and meet the crew and cast of the show. They also meet Mark Sayer-Wade, the composer, and Judy Rothman, the lyricist who wrote the show's iconic songs. In the end, Leodonna and Bud will be moving away from Camembert Academy to go back to Louisiana with their family. So her friends will miss them and they hope to see them again soon. It's wonderful knowing that Angelina, Alice and the whole gang was around. Note: Willy is a film director in this episode.


Season 1 Edit

Angelina and the New Kitten Edit

AZ: Marco, what are you up to?

Marco: Training Basil, my little kitten. I'm entering him on a cat championship contest. The cat who can perform the most tricks is the winner. I'm training Basil to do this. (does a backflip, but accidentally falls flat on his face) Whoops! Whoa! I'm all right!

AZ: He already seems pretty good at acrobatics too, Marco.

Marco: Yeah, I know. (Basil runs away) Uh oh! Follow that kitten! He's headed for the elevator! Basil, stop!

A few minutes later

Marco: Ok, where could that pesky kitten be? Aha! Gotcha! (trips on his face again) Ok, that was just a flop. You can crawl, but you can't hide! There you are! Got you this time! (gasps) Oh no! Basil, not the slide!

Angelina: Ok, we've got a huge problem, everyone. Marco's kitten Basil ran away and Marco needs to prepare him for the contest today. So, I need...

Marco: Pick me! Pick me!

Angelina: Let's see. Well, what do you know? Marco, I choose you!

Marco: Yes!

Angelina: You have to hurry down to the contest and hope that Basil makes it in time.

Marco: Ready or not, here I come, Angelina. I just hope Basil doesn't get lost too.

A few minutes later

Angelina: Viki, do you see anything?

Viki: No. Wait a minute, hey! I spotted something! Angelina, it's Basil headed toward the bridge.

Marco: Hi, Mrs. Mimi.

Mrs. Mimi: Hello, Marco.

Polly: Check this out! It's my robotic kitten. See?

Mrs. Mimi: Polly just wants to spend time with me for a while.

Marco: Oh, yeah. (laughs) That's quite a cat you've got there, Polly. He might even come in second.

Polly: This is Robo Kitty. Where's your kitten, Marco?

Marco: Um, he'll be here soon, I think. (gasps) Mrs. Mimi, can you tell me when it's Basil's turn in the show?

Mrs. Mimi: Certainly, Marco. Basil is the final act for the contest.

Marco: Yes! He can still make it!

Mrs. Mimi: Who can still make it?

Marco: My kitten. He's coming over here in a fiat.

Mrs. Mimi: How did you know?

Marco: Well, he just learned how to... What? He can drive a car?

Mrs. Mimi: I'll be as surprised as you are!

Marco: Oh no! Basil must be a terrible driver!

Angelina's Treasure Hunt Edit

Angelina: (she and her friends are playing basketball) Ready, Marco?

Marco: I don't think I can do it, Angelina. Every time I shoot, the ball misses the basket.

AZ: And hits me! (the basketball smacks him right on the face) Ouch!

Marco: Sorry, AZ!

AZ: That's ok, Marco. I kind of expected it. And anyway, I'm a tough guy. It doesn't hurt at all.

Everyone laughs

Alice: I know something else we can do! Let's go, everyone!

Everyone cheers

Gracie: Like what, Alice?

Alice: Well, uh...

Willy: Yo ho ho! Arr! Let's play pirates! I'm Captain Willy, master of the seas!

Viki: Really?

Willy: Aye. I've got just the game to play, Viki. It's called "Captain Willy's Pirate Treasure Hunt!"

AZ: Cool! I love treasure hunting!

Marco: Me too!

Gracie: Moi aussi!

Angelina: We have to prepare everything.

Willy: Everyone has their spyglasses?

All: Check!

Angelina: AZ, I see you've upgraded your spyglass to make it work like your spy periscope monocles.

AZ: Absolutely!

Willy: Well, there's no time to waste! Let's go find the treasure!

Everyone cheers

Alice: Uh, Willy. I think you forgot something.

Willy: Aye, Alice, what is it?

Alice: You forgot your pirate eye patch!

Willy: What in the name of the blue blazes! Where's me eye patch?

Marco: Here, Willy (laughs)

Willy: Thank you, Marco. You've found me eye patch!

Everyone laughs

Angelina and the Night Monster Edit

Willy: It was a dark and spooky night. Things were quite normal back then. But strange things began to occur at Camembert Academy. The school may be haunted, for there is a rumor about a monster creeping around the school.

Dodger: Sheesh. Could this night get any creepier?

Angelina: (after hearing a loud thumping sound) What was that?

Viki: I don't know, but it sure is scary.

Dodger: Definitely scary! Like a ghost or a monster!

Angelina: AZ, I need you and your new ninja skills to find out what's really going on around the school.

AZ: AZ, Ninja Mouse is in the house!

Angelina: Ok, but don't let the monster see you.

AZ: I'm on it, Angelina!

Willy: AZ, the famous ninja warrior, goes on the case to find out the mystery of the night monster. Will he succeed, or will he fail?

Gracie: AZ, what did you see?

AZ: Nothing.

Angelina: Good. That means the monster is still far away. (calls AZ) Angelina to AZ. Come in, AZ.

AZ: Angelina, is that you?

Angelina: Yes. Everything going smoothly?

AZ: I'm in standby position right now.

Angelina: Be careful, AZ.

AZ: All right. Night vision goggles! (scans the area) All clear! Nothing to report!

Angelina: Great job, AZ! Now, climb up really slowly to get a bird's eye view of the school.

AZ: Over and out, Angelina! Suction cups! (chuckles) I knew these stick shoes will come in handy. Wait a minute, I see something up ahead! Zip line! (slides down to the monster) Ha! I got you now!

Viki: Whoa!

AZ: Ah! Sorry, Viki. I thought you were the monster!

Viki: That's ok, AZ. No harm done.

Willy: Disappointed, AZ decides that he should try again some other time to catch the real monster of the night.

Marco: So, where could the monster be now? (whimpers) Especially in the dark.

Angelina: Pull yourself together, Marco. We'll find that monster in no time!

Dodger: Snap out of it. Stop being such a coward, Marco!

Marco: But it's so dark and spooky, Angelina.

Angelina: I know you're afraid of the dark. Just try to get over it.

Dodger: You've got to take it easy, Marco.

Marco: Ok, Dodger. I'll try.

Angelina: Willy, go with Marco to make sure that nothing terrible

A few minutes later.

Willy: How long can Marco hold out in the dark. Angelina tells him to face his fears. Now, let's see how Marco finally handles himself all alone in the dark of the night.

Marco: Thank you, Willy. Some help you are!

Willy: Sorry, continue please.

Marco: Nothing yet. Just some scary darkness. Oh, I wish my mom was here. (banging sound) Ah! What's that? (growling sound) Is that the monster? (growling sound continues) I hope not. Wait a minute, Angelina told me to face my fears. And that's just what I'm about to do right now! All right, monster! Come on out and show yourself! (growling sound continues) I have a light, and I'm not afraid to use it! Come on, you want your bait?

Willy: The growling grow louder and louder. The monster is getting closer to attack Marco. Suddenly, out of the blue.

Suddenly, out from the shadows, jumps a cat!

Marco: Whoa!

Willy: (gasps) The monster's got Marco! I've got to do something!

The cat begins to meow.

Marco: Huh? Basil, is that you?

Basil meows and purrs.

Marco: Oh, Basil. Thank goodness, it's you? Where have you been?

Basil meows.

Marco: Oh, I see. You're just looking for some food, outside. Don't worry, I'll get you home straight away and feed you.

Willy: Well, that went well. It turns out that Basil, Marco's little kitty was the night monster. Now, let's go back to our friends, Marco. We have no evidence of the monster, whatsoever. Just a little hungry kitty.

Marco: Ok, Willy. (laughs)

Angelina: Marco! Willy! Thank goodness you two are safe!

Marco: I found out that Basil was the monster!

All: Huh?

Marco: Yeah. He was just out looking for food. What a hungry kitten.

All: Phew!

Marco: And, Angelina, I did it! I overcame my fear of the dark!

Angelina: See, there's nothing to it. It's all about mind over matter. Next time, when you find yourself in the dark, just think happy thoughts.

Marco: Of course I did. I feel much better now.

Willy: Now that Marco overcomes his fear of the dark, I will now demonstrate a playful "who turned out the lights?" game.

Marco: Ah! Who turned out the lights?

Willy: Sorry, Marco. It's just me.

Marco: Willy!

Willy: Think happy thoughts, Marco.

Marco: Oh, right. (laughs)

Everyone laughs

Angelina's Camembert Circus Edit

Angelina: Ladies and gentlemice! Presenting the one and only stupendous circus to be ever performed at Camembert Academy. For our first act, please welcome Alice, the Amazing Gymnast and Acrobat!

Alice: (performs her act) Whoo! Yeah! All right!

Angelina: And now, please welcome Viki, the Stupendous Mouseling on the Flying Trapeze!

Viki: Wha hey! I'm good! Look at me!

Angelina: And now, get ready to tickle your funny bones. He'll make you laugh. Introducing, the one and only Marco, the Marvelous Clown!

Marco: I'm going to juggle seven balls in my paws. (he juggles the balls, but ends up dropping them) Oh. That's not good. Maybe I'll try another gag instead. (demonstrates his other clown tricks, such as balancing an apple on his nose, but ends up doing the pratfall and dropping the apple at the same time) Ta da!

Alice: Wow! That's amazing!

AZ: Yeah, you made me laugh all right.

Mrs. Mimi: Wow! Look at those mouselings go! (chuckles heartily) Hello? (answers the phone) What? Are you the circus ringmaster? My students are very excited to see your show and so am I. What's that? Oh. Yeah, right. I'm sorry to hear that. All right then. Bye (hangs up)

Viki: And now, the Amazing Triple Decker Mouselings! Wahoo!

Mrs. Mimi: Hey, class. I've got news for you to share.

Angelina: Oh, is the circus finally coming to Chipping Cheddar, Mrs. Mimi?

Mrs. Mimi: I'm afraid not, Angelina. You see, the circus has cancelled its visit to Chipping Cheddar.

All: What?

Gracie: Zut alors! What happened?

Mrs. Mimi: The train engine broke down, and everyone inside the train are getting restless.

Angelina: I've got a stupendous idea!

Viki: What?

Angelina: We could perform our own circus right here at Camembert Academy!

Gracie: Fantastique!

Alice: Wow!

Marco: That's a great idea, Angelina.

Mrs. Mimi: Brava, Angelina! That's using your head.

Angelina: We could all perform each of our own favorite circus acts with costumes and props and everything else!

AZ: Awesome!

Angelina: We'll start rehearsing tomorrow.

Mrs. Mimi: Oh, well. Good luck, class!

Scene change

Angelina: And now, please welcome the Fearless AZ, who will be shot out of a cannon!

Alice: AZ, are you sure this is safe?

AZ: Don't worry, no one's going to get hurt in this act, not even me.

Viki: Are you sure?

AZ: Positively! (laughs)

Marco: AZ, I can't watch!

AZ: Relax, Marco. It's going to be fun! Angelina, fire! (gets shot out of a cannon) All right! This is fun! (lands safely on the target) See, what did I tell you? I'm fine!

Alice: Okay.

Willy: That is the most spectacular show I have ever seen! Bravo, mouselings! Bravo!

Angelina: Thanks, Willy. What's with the ringmaster costume?

Willy: I'm PT. Willy, ringmaster of the Greatest Show on Earth! What will you do next, Angelina?

Angelina: I'm going to dance a ballet on a tightrope!

Willy: Ah, I see. Now let me see your act!

Angelina: (balances on the tightrope) Whoa! This isn't as easy as it looks.

Willy: Don't worry, Angelina! Just keep trying!

Mrs. Mimi: Well, I guess we can't wait any longer. The circus will not visit Chipping Cheddar.

AZ: (gasps) No circus?

Viki: But I love circuses!

Gracie: Moi aussi!

Alice: So do I!

Angelina: Wait, we can perform our own show right now.

Mrs. Mimi: That's great, Angelina!

Marco: Us? Don't you mean we get to perform?

Angelina: It's our own circus show, Marco.

Marco: Oh yeah, I forgot (slips on a banana peel) Whoa! Who left that banana peel there?

Angelina: I think we have just found our clown!

Marco: (laughs) Thanks, Angelina!

Mrs. Mimi: Let's get this creative circus show started, class!

Angelina: Ok then. Everyone, put on your costumes! Marco, get into makeup! Alice, do your gymnastics warm ups! Gracie, give it your best shot as a fortune teller. Viki, stay on the trapeze swings! AZ, put your helmet on! This is going to be an absolutely positively stupendous show!

Willy: I couldn't agree more, Angelina. All right, places, everyone!

Mrs. Mimi: Ladies and gentlemice, as your guest and replacement ringmaster, I would like to welcome you all to the Camembert Circus! (audience cheers and applauds) I'm here tonight with my ringmaster assistant, Willy!

Willy: Thank you, Miss. And now, without further interruptions, I would like to present to you our first act, Angelina Ballerina on the High Wire! (audience applauds)

Angelina: Whoa! I'm going to fall! (audiences gasps)

Alice: I've got you, Angelina! (does her acrobat and gymnastics routine) Got you! (audience applauds)

Angelina: Thanks, Alice!

Willy: Very good, you two. And now, prepare to be amazed by the Astounding Gracie, our fortune teller! (audience applauds)

Gracie: My good people! Prepare to be amazed by me! I see a big audience tonight on a packed circus tent! (audience gasps in awe) Next, I see two performers who are my friends on stage! (audience gasps and applauds)

Angelina: She's good!

Alice: That's our, Gracie!

Willy: Whoa! What's that noise? (hearing fake sirens) Oh ho! Sounds like it's time for a good laugh with Marco!

Polly: Help! Help! My school is on fire! Save me, anybody!

Marco: (wears clown makeup, auguste style, with white around his eyes and eyebrows and red around his mouth, a blue and yellow spotted clown hat, a red nose, a red and polka dotted bow tie and brown clown shoes) I'll put the fire out! (accidentally sprays Polly with his hose instead)

Polly: Oh no! Not me! (audiences laughs) Oh, that was funny!

Marco: Whoops! Wrong target. (sprays the fire with his hose correctly)

Willy: Wow! Was that funny or what? Now, please welcome the Astounding AZ, the daredevil in his motorcycle!

AZ: Ha ha! I'm the fearless stunt mouse! (drives his motorcycle around the ring)

Mrs. Mimi: (after another thunderous applause) Last but not least, please welcome Viki, the Daring Mouseling on a Flying Trapeze!

Viki: Whoo hoo! Watch me go!

Willy: And now, the grand finale! (two elephants appear on stage)

Angelina: Let's do our pyramid! (she and her friends performed a mouseling pyramid)

Mrs. Mimi: Last, Marco will be on top of the mouseling pyramid, carrying a flag in his paws!

Marco: Whoa! (lands on the pyramid perfectly after doing acrobatic flips) Ta da!

Mrs. Mimi: Please give a big hand to our mouselings! (cheers from the audience)

Angelina: And that's the end of our show!

Mrs. Mimi: Bravo, students! What a marvelous show! You all did a very great job performing tonight.

Angelina: We believed in ourselves, Mrs. Mimi. Everything's going peachy keen.

Mrs. Mimi: Let's go, everyone! (ushers the mouselings into a clown car, driven by Marco the clown)

Season 2Edit

Angelina and Polly's Boo-Boo Edit

Mr. Mouseling: What's wrong, Polly? You look like you've hurt your wrist.

Polly: (crying) I did, Daddy! It was so painful!

Mr. Mouseling: We need a doctor. Hey, I think I know just the new doctor in town.

Angelina: That's right, Polly. Can you guess who he is?

Polly: Who?

Angelina and Mr. Mouseling: Marco!

Polly: Huh? Marco?

Angelina: Yes. I've heard that Marco is practicing his EMT skills. He wants to be a doctor just like his dad, Stefano Quesillo.

Polly: Really, really?

Angelina: Really, really. And I'm going to call him right away.

(Phone ringing)

Angelina: Hello, Marco? Is the doctor in the house?

Marco: Marco here. How can I help, Angelina?

Angelina: We have a patient. Polly's hurt her wrist in the middle of her fun time at the slide. Come as quickly as you can.

Marco: Coming right up!

(Sirens wail from the outside window)

Angelina: Marco, thank goodness you're here.

Willy: Don't forget me! Doctor Marco's faithful assistant. Medical Willy!

Angelina: (laughs) I know, Willy. You're quite the charmer, for a doctor.

Willy: Thank you.

Marco: Someone called a doctor? Doctor Marco is in the house. What seems to be the trouble?

Angelina: Can you do a quick medical check on Polly, please?

Marco: Sure thing! Now, Polly. Let me check and make sure there aren't any broken bones on you. X ray screen! So, where did you hurt your wrist?

Willy: Yeah, Young Polly. Let me see the scratch in your arm.

Polly: I've got a teeny tiny scratch on my left wrist. Ouchie!

Willy: Don't worry, kiddo. We'll know just the thing that will cover your sore wrist.

Marco: Yeah. Let me fix that for you. Bandage! Here you go, Polly. May your wrist rest with ease. Here, have some water.

Willy: Drink up.

Polly: (drinks the water and sighs) Thanks, Marco. Thanks, Willy. I feel a lot better now.

Willy: Don't mention it.

Angelina: Someday, I always knew that you could be a real doctor. And I love you.

Marco: (blushes) Thanks, Angelina. I love you too

Willy: Yeah. Happy to help, Miss Angie.

Everyone laughs

Willy: Now that our patient is healed, Marco, let's see what we can give to her for being brave.

Polly: Jelly beans?

Willy: Exactly. Help yourself.

Marco: It's all yours.

Polly: Mmm, this is good!

Angelina's Bad Cold Edit

Angelina: What a beautiful morning for dancing! (practicing her pirouettes and plies. Suddenly, she sneezes) That wasn't supposed to happen! (sneezes again)

Mrs. Mouseling: What's wrong, Angelina?

Angelina: Mum, I've got a (sneezes) cold while dancing.

Mrs. Mouseling: Hmmm. Must be bad. You will have to stay home and rest today.

Angelina: But I have school! (sneezes)

Mrs. Mouseling: Ok, but don't let your friends catch your cold.

One minute later

Angelina: Oh, Mrs. Mimi! I know the answer! It's called an (sneezes)

Mrs. Mimi: What's wrong, Angelina?

Angelina: Must be my cold.

Willy: Did somebody say "cold"? Medical Willy is here to help you.

Marco: So am I! Hang in there, Angelina. We'll know soon enough. Thermometer! Say "Aah!"

Angelina: Aah (sneezes)

Marco: You've got a cold, Angelina.

Willy: That's a really nasty cold you got there, Miss Angie.

Angelina: I know, Willy. (sneezes)

Mrs. Mimi: Alice, could you finish Angelina's answer?

Alice: Sure, Mrs. Mimi. It's an (sneezes)

Marco: Alice's got a cold too.

Willy: Ally Al, looks like you've caught the cold real quickly.

Alice: You're right, Willy. I'm ill too. (sneezes)

Alice: I guess I better take a rest.

Mrs. Mimi: Gracie?

Gracie: It's called an archer (sneezes)

Mrs. Mimi: Oh, you too, Gracie?

Gracie: Oui. I'm tres sick.

A few minutes later

Mrs. Mimi: What's wrong, Viki?

Viki: My throat's a little scratchy. Oh no. I think I'm going to (sneezes)

Angelina: Sounds like you're sick too, Viki.

Viki: I really am.

Angelina: Marco, now Viki's not feeling too well.

Marco: Another sick mouseling? On my way, Angelina!

(Sirens wail)

Viki: Hi, Marco. I'm feeling.

Marco: Sick? You need to rest. There's a bowl of chicken soup waiting for you, so are the rest of our friends.

Viki: Thanks, Marco.

One minute later

Marco: Hi, Angelina. We're all ready to (sneezes)

Angelina: Uh oh. Marco, you've got the cold too.

Marco: (sighs) Me too. I've got the bad case of the cold. To keep the cold from spreading, cover your mouth with your paws, like this. (sneezes)

Angelina: Well, this sick day just keeps getting better. (sneezes)

Everyone laughs

Angelina and the Magic Box Edit

Angelina: Hey, everybody! Look! I found a magic kit!

Alice: I love magic!

Marco: Are you really going to do tricks?

Angelina: (laughs) Not yet, but I'm about to look inside this magic kit.

AZ: Did somebody say, magic kit? Awesome!

Angelina: Right, AZ. This is a magic kit that I found in the attic.

AZ: Cool! Can I try?

Angelina: Sure. By the way, has anybody here seen Willy?

Gracie: Je ne sais pas. I don't know.

Viki: I haven't seen him all morning.

Marco: Where could he be?

Willy: You're looking for me? (appears in a puff of smoke) Behold! I am the Great Willydini! Master of Illusion!

Viki: Whoa! That was so amazing, Willy!

Willy: Thank you! It's in my blood to do that!

Everyone laughs.

Angelina: Look, Willy. I found this magic kit. Would you like to try it?

AZ: I was going to try it first!

Willy: Patience, my dear AZ. First of all, let the master magician do some of the tricks first.

Alice: This I gotta see!

Willy: For my first trick, I'm going to pull a rabbit out of my hat! Abracadabra! (pulls out a kitten instead of a rabbit) What the? This is no rabbit! It's a wee kitten!

Marco: That's Basil, my kitten, Willy.

Everyone laughs.

Willy: Och. I pulled out Basil instead. I have been shamed!

Angelina: Don't worry, Willy. AZ here wants to learn magic tricks too, just like you.

Willy: If he wants to learn, then he came to the right person!

AZ: Yeah!

Willy: Now, AZ, me lad. First of all, I'm going to show you a ring trick.

AZ: Cool!

Willy: Abracadabra!

Unfortunately, his hands got stuck in the rings.

Willy: What the? Hey! My hands are stuck in these wee rings!

AZ: Don't worry, I'll help you pull them out, Willy.

In a flash, Willy's hands are out of the ring.

Willy: Thanks, AZ. Now, laddie, tell me. What other tricks that you would like to try?

AZ: Um, like maybe saw someone in half!

Willy: Great idea, laddie. I'll show you right now. Viki, will you please come here?

Viki: Sure, Willy.

Willy: Now, lass, lay down on this table here and I'll try to saw you in half.

Viki: It's just a trick. Right, Willy?

Willy: Aye. Nothing bad will happen to you.

Viki: Ok then. (laughs)

Willy: Right. Time to do the trick! Abracadabra! (saws Viki in half) Voila! I did it! Ha ha!

Viki: You did it, all right. (laughs nervously)

AZ: Ok, Willy. Let me try to put her back together.

Willy: Aye, laddie. Do your stuff.

AZ: Abracadabra!

Viki's body is on one place again. She smiled.

AZ: Hey, look! I put Viki back together again!

Viki: Thanks, guys. This is much better.

A few minutes later.

Angelina: Looks like everyone is excited. Especially you, AZ.

AZ: Angelina! Guess what? I can do every single magic trick on one show later.

Willy: And I helped him out.

Angelina: Well, what are we waiting for? It's showtime!

One minute later

Angelina: Ladies and gentlemice. It gives me great pleasure to announce the world's greatest magicians. None other than the Great Willydini and his faithful assistant, AZ!

The audience applauded and cheered as Willy appears in a puff of smoke. Then, AZ went to the front of the stage!

Willy: Hello, everyone! Thank you for coming to my show! (removes his top hat, smirking) Now watch as I perform my first trick!

Season 3 Edit

Angelina Camps OutEdit

Angelina: Let's do something fun today!

AZ: Like what, Angelina.

Angelina: Like, we can go camping!

Gracie: Really?

Viki: Cool!

Angelina: But what theme should we use for our camping trip?

Willy: I have an idea! Good morning, all things outdoorsy. This is Ranger Willy speaking. We're going to have a fun time! I say, what are y'all doing in the wilderness this time of day?

A.Z.: Willy, this isn't the wilderness. This is the Lunchtime Theater!

Willy: Oh, I can see that (laughs nervously) Why, there's a Rana Mucosa right at your feet, Gracie!

Gracie: Oh! Sacre bleu!

Willy: Don't worry, Gracie.

Dodger: It's okay. He won't bite you.

Willy: Next, look! There's a Common Mime butterfly flying past you!

Marco: (laughs) Hey, that tickles!

Willy: It's all right, Marco. I'll gently hold the little fella with my paw right now. (the butterfly lands on his paw) Come along, little fella. Fly away, now!

Dodger: See ya!

Angelina: Wow! Amazing, Willy!

Willy: Thanks, Angelina. As a park ranger, I know what I'm doing. Now, let's do some preparations for tonight!

All: Yeah!

Willy: Since we need to pack up stuff, first we must pick a few types of food for you to bring.

AZ: I'll bring this apple as my snack. I love apples!

Willy: So do I, AZ. So do I!

Alice: I'll bring this banana bread!

Dodger: Yeah, it's the best snack ever!

Willy: I love them too, Alice.

Gracie: I'll bring this fresh baked baguettes. Ooh la la! They're my favorite!

Willy: Gracie, I couldn't agree more! And besides bringing snacks, we must bring ourselves spooky campfire stories to tell!

All: Ooh!

Season 4 Edit

Angelina's Firehouse DayEdit

Angelina: Where are we going today, Mrs. Mimi?

Mrs. Mimi: To the Chipping Cheddar firehouse, Angelina. Today you will all learn about fire safety.

Alice: Who's going to teach us, Mrs. Mimi?

Willy: Did somebody say teach? No need to worry, fellas. Firefighter Willy is fired up to teach you about fire safety.

Angelina: Uh, Willy. Do you really know about fire safety?

AZ: Yeah, we hope you really know.

Willy: Don't worry, fellas. I will be delighted to teach you.

Mrs. Mimi: Thank you, Willy. Now, class. Let's go to the firehouse!

Mrs. Mimi: Well, we're here.

Gracie: Ooh la la! It's huge!

Viki: It's so big!

Willy: That's right. A firehouse is a very big place. It is a working place for firefighters like me. First here, we have a firetruck. A firetruck always has a long ladder on the back. Sometimes, there is a backup hose on the truck. This one has it. See? (pointing to the water hose in front of the truck) Next here, we have water cannons and hose to put the fire out. (holds a fire hose) And this here, we have my fire fighter hat. (takes off his fire chief hat) It has a retractable visor capability.

Alice: Wow!

Willy: Wow, right? Now, let's see I've got..

AZ: Willy, will you get to the point about fire safety?

Willy: Oh, right. Sorry, AZ. I got carried away there. Now, for fire safety, please pay attention!

All: Sir, yes, sir!

Willy: First things first. Rule number one: Always check for fire in many different areas. A fire can happen at any place at any time. So we always better look out for it. See? I'm checking the perimeter. (sniffs) You should always be able to detect gas and smoke from all areas. Hmm. No fire here.

Gracie: Tres bon, Willy!

Willy: Thank you, Gracie.

Angelina and the Curse of the Were-LionEdit

Angelina: And so, the monstrous Lion Man attacked the town of Chipping Cheddar.

Polly: Oh no! I'm scared!

Marco: Me too!

AZ: Don't worry, it's not real.

Willy: Not real? Think again. This is Willy Serling telling you about the story of a young mouseling who turned into a were lion.

Gracie: But someday, it will become real. Remember the time we met that ghost at Roquefort Theater?

Angelina: Oh, that story. I remember that. Anyway, let's get this story finished, shall we?

All: Yeah!

Angelina: Luckily, he was given an antidote by the doctor. Soon, the Lion Man returned back to normal. He became a handsome gentlemouse again. Thanks to the antidote. The end.

Polly: Yay! Can you please read it again, Angelina?

Viki: Yeah! That was awesome.

Angelina: Sorry, everyone. We should be going home soon. I'll read the story again tomorrow.

Willy: Indeed. Angie was right. When darkness comes, we would not know what is going to happen next.

All: Ok, then. (school bell rings)

Viki: Wow, Angelina. That story gives me the goosebumps.

AZ: Yeah, that was crazy, scary cool!

Angelina: It was nothing. Hey, want to stop at Mrs. Thimble's store for some refreshments?

All: Yeah!

Mrs. Thimble: Hello there, everyone. I've got some Turkish Delight on the menu today.

AZ: Mmm! Yummy!

Marco: Oh, boy!

Mrs. Thimble: Help yourselves. It's for everyone to share.

Angelina: This is good!

Viki: I'll say!

Gracie: Tres delicieux!

Marco: This is really good, Mrs. Thimble.

Bud: What's in it?

Mrs. Thimble: Well, Bud. It's tenderloin steak flavor. And it's made from all natural cut beef pieces.

Angelina: Tenderloin steak flavor?

Mrs. Thimble: Why yes, Angelina. I've come with new flavors of Turkish Delight for some variety.

Viki: That's nice.

Mrs. Thimble: Now, you better be going home for dinner. It will be dark soon.

All: Ok.

Bud: I'm going to ask Mrs. Thimble for more of these tomorrow.

Leodonna: Wow, Bud. You really enjoyed it, huh?

Bud: Yeah. It's the best snack ever!

Leodonna: Now if we don't hurry up, we'll be late for dinner. (narrating: Little did Marco know, that his craving for the tenderloin steak flavored Turkish Delight causes big problems)

Willy: Leodonna is correct. Her brother, Bud thought that it was a yummy treat to eat. When problems arise, he will be the first to receive it.

Scene change

Angelina: Goodbye, everyone! See you tomorrow! Hi, Mum. Hi, Dad!

Matilda Mouseling: Hello, Angelina. How was school today?

Angelina: It was fun. I read a scary story in front of the whole class.

Maurice Mouseling: Ooh, I'm spooked!

Willy: Meanwhile on the other side of Chipping Cheddar, something odd happened to Leodonna's little brother, Bud, that night. He was sleeping in his bed, when suddenly, the curse occurred to him.

Bud: (after he drinks the magic potion) Oh, I feel strange! (his paws became giant lion claws, a lion mane grows around his neck and his long tail turned into a lion's tail) What's happening to me? Why am I so hairy? No! NOOOOOO!

Willy: At that moment, on a very dark night. Bud has been transformed into a hideous were lion after he drank the bottle of potion. Let's see what happens tomorrow. This is Willy Serling signing off.

Scene change

Angelina: I want to read that scary story again today.

Alice: I'm sure you will, Angelina. I love that story.

Viki: Well, at least none of gets spooked (all laughing)

Marco: Oh, no!

Angelina: (after hearing a thunderous crash in the Camembert Academy music room) What was that loud noise?

Gracie: Je ne se pais. I do not know, Angelina.

Viki: Me neither.

Alice: It's coming from the music room.

AZ: Let's check it out!

Marco: Yeah, come on!

Angelina: In that case, you go first, A.Z.

AZ: Ok. (everyone enters the room) Careful. It could be anywhere here, whatever that was.

Viki: There's nothing here. I thought I heard something.

Angelina: I'll check the shelf. (opens the shelf when a shadow loomed towards her)

Gracie: Sacre bleu! Angelina, look behind you!

Angelina: Oh, Gracie. I'm not falling for that old (stops short when she saw a huge hungry looking lion in front of her) Oh no! Help!

Marco: Run! (everyone screams and ran in all directions)

Leodonna: Buddy, you've turned into a lion!

Alice: What is that?

Viki: I don't know, but it sure looks hungry!

Gracie: Back off! En garde! (the lion growls at her) On second thought, au secours!

Angelina: (screaming with the others) What does it want?

Viki: I don't know why are you asking me?

Alice: Angelina, that beast is staring at you with those green eyes.

Angelina: Stay away from me!

Leodonna: Wait a minute. Green eyes? (the lion stopped growling and gave her some puppy dog eyes) A red hat?

Marco: Lions don't wear hats. Bad lion! (Bud gives a sad roar)

Leodonna: Bud, is that you?

Viki: Bud?

Marco and A.Z.: Bud?

Angelina: Your brother?

Leodonna: Yes!

Gracie: But how?

Alice: Impossible!

AZ: What? Bud? Can it be?

Angelina: I can't believe it's you! What happened? (Bud gave another roar)

Marco: Oh. I don't think he understands me anymore.

Viki: We can only hear him roar and growl now.

AZ: Yeah, it seems like now we don't understand what he's saying.

Alice: I wish he could talk again.

Marco: Yeah, me, too.

Angelina: Oh, Marco. That magic potion must have got something in it that turns him into a lion. (Bud roars some more)

Marco: I get it. It must have been hard being a lion on the first day.

Viki: We just have to get him back to normal.

Gracie: But how?

Alice: I have and idea! Let's smuggle him inside the classroom.

Angelina: But will Mrs. Mimi be horrified to find a lion in the classroom?

Viki: Well, that's a thought.

AZ: A lion inside a classroom. Now that's what I call scary awesome.

Angelina: I wonder what Mrs. Mimi's reaction would look like.

Scene change:

All: Good morning, Mrs. Mimi!

Mrs. Mimi: Morning, class. Did you all finish your assignments.

All: Yes.

Angelina: Uh, Mrs. Mimi. There's something I want to tell you.

Mrs. Mimi: What is it, Angelina.

Angelina: Well, it's um, you know.

Marco: You DO know, Leodonna.

Leodonna: Yeah, you really DO know!

Viki: Believe us, you don't want to know.

Mrs. Mimi: Then let me see it.

Angelina snaps her fingers, then Bud the lion comes forward to Mrs. Mimi.

Marco: Oh my goodness.

Mrs. Mimi: Wait. What? Aaah! What is that!

Alice: Relax, Mrs. Mimi. It's Bud.

Mrs. Mimi: It's a horrible terrifying lion, Leodonna! How could it be your brother?

Leodonna: He's a lion, Ms. Mimi! He's drunken the potion and turned into a lion!

Viki: Calm down, Mrs. Mimi. He's very gentle, decent and kind.

Mrs. Mimi: (stutters) Well, all right. Let me see you prove it.

Angelina: Here goes nothing. (Bud purrs around Mrs. Mimi, licking her hand)

Mrs. Mimi: You're right. Those green eyes look awfully familiar.

Alice: See? It's Bud.

Marco: It is?

Alice: Yes, it sure is.

Mrs. Mimi: Buddy? What happened to you? (Bud roars sadly)

Leodonna: He can't talk anymore.

AZ: Yeah, now we can only hear him roar.

Marco: Yeah, I think so.

Mrs. Mimi: This is a very serious problem. How do we change him back to normal?

Alice: I'm not sure yet.

Season 5Edit

Angelina and the Big StormEdit

Angelina: Uh oh. My ankle hurts after the fall. I need help.

Carlo: Hello! Angelina, are you there? Oh no, she can't hear me. I need to get help from Mrs. Mimi.

Mrs. Mimi: Ah, Carlo. Am I glad to see you. What's the matter?

Carlo: Ciao, Mrs. Mimi. I was trying to call Angelina to see if she's ok during her hike in the mountain.

Mrs. Mimi: Where is she now?

Carlo: She didn't answer my phone when I called her.

Mrs. Mimi: Maybe she got lost?

Carlo: Mamma mia! Of course! Why didn't I think of that. That's why she didn't answer my call.

Mrs. Mimi: Well, I need all my students to gather around immediately.

Carlo: Si, Mrs. Mimi. I'll go get them.

Mrs. Mimi: Class, we have a huge problem. Carlo tried to call Angelina with his phone, but she didn't answer it. It means that she is lost somewhere during her hiking trip.

Alice: (gasping) Oh no! Is she all right?

Gracie: Sacre bleu! How did that happen?

Marco: Yikes! I don't like the sound of that.

Mrs. Mimi: Carlo, try calling her again.

Carlo: Si, Mrs. Mimi. (dials Angelina's number) Hello? Angelina, can you hear me now?

Angelina: Hi, Carlo. Things went a little awry during my hike today. I crash landed in the snow when a storm came recently. And now I've twisted my ankle and hurt my wrist real bad!

AZ: No way!

Viki: That's terrible.

Marco: My poor Angelina, she needs help!

Angelina: Exactly. And now looks like I'm suffering from frostbite. I'm so cold I can't barely move right now. And I'm also having a little hypothermia in me!

Mrs. Mimi: My goodness! That is serious! Hang in there, Angelina. We're about to help you. Marco, Angelina needs proper medical attention right away. You know what to do. We all know about accidents waiting to happen in that weather.

Marco: Doctor Marco is in the house! I'm ready for a medical treatment.

AZ: And I can use my missile UAV drone to look for Angelina. It's time for AZ, Ninja Mouse. He's in the house!

Mrs. Mimi: Great idea, AZ. Let's go save Angelina!

Carlo: We're on it, Mrs. Mimi!

A few minutes later.

Mrs. Mimi: Carlo, use your snowplow to help clear the icy tracks on the road.

Carlo: Ready when you are, Mrs. Mimi!

Mrs. Mimi: AZ, send your missile UAV drone to search for Angelina.

AZ: Say no more, Mrs. Mimi! Deploy missile drone! Drone. Find Angelina! Go!

Mrs. Mimi: Perfect, AZ! Marco, come with me. I need you to get your EMT tools ready.

Marco: Sure thing, Mrs. Mimi!

Ms. Mimi: AZ, use your missile drone's siren to help Angelina find it!

AZ: You got it, Mrs. Mimi!

A few minutes later

AZ: Angelina, where are you? Hey, I see something! It's Angelina's rose!

Mrs. Mimi: Great! That means Angelina can't be far away. Marco, use your stretcher just in case we found Angelina. Don't let go of it, just yet.

Marco: Ok, Mrs. Mimi.

A few seconds later.

Angelina: (after hearing the missile drone siren) Huh? What's all that noise? Oh! That's AZ's missile drone! Hey! Over here! Come quick!

AZ: Look, Mrs. Mimi! My missile drone found Angelina after all!

Mrs. Mimi: Good. I'll go check on Carlo. Carlo, any news?

Carlo: So far so good, Mrs. Mimi. I found some tracks.

Mrs. Mimi: Well, I have some great news. Angelina's been found!

Carlo: Mamma mia! That is good news! I'm on my way!

Ms. Mimi: Marco, don't let go of that stretcher if you please.

Marco: I'm holding it tight, Ms. Mimi.

Ms. Mimi: I'm just making sure that's all.

A few minutes later.

Angelina: It only hurts a little.

Marco: I'll have a look. X ray screen!

Mrs. Mimi: How's Angelina doing, Marco?

Marco: Angelina's cold and has a sore paw. But no broken bones. Just some splinters and sprains.

Angelina: Then can you please take off this medical cone now?

Marco: (laughs) He he. Sure.

Angelina: Thanks, Marco. (kisses him on the cheek)

Marco: Aw, shucks, Angelina.

All: Aww!

Angelina and the Karate MouselingEdit

Willy: Ok, students. It's time for karate practice! I'm Mr. Willyagi, your teacher for today. Or in Japanese, I'm known as "sensei." Are your belts in position?

All: Yeah!

Willy: Good. Now, for your first lesson, mouselings, I would like you to show off your best karate moves! Are you ready?

AZ: I was born ready!

Willy: Very well. Let's begin!

The mouselings show off their moves. Viki does a fan kick with a little jujitsu to the touch. Gracie does some fancy fencing movements with some karate improvement. Alice does an acrobatic karate gymnastic move. AZ does a handstand and twirls a kung fu move. Angelina does some karate with some ballet touches. Then it's Marco's turn.

Willy: Now, Marco, san. My best student. Show me your famous kicks, punches and attacks!

Marco: Ready, Sensei Willy. (does his moves) Now, I will (sneezes)

Willy: Oh no.

Marco: Sorry, Sensei Willy. Just some dust on my nose.

Willy: Not a problem, Marco, san.

Angelina and the Great Chipmunk RescueEdit

AZ: Jet pack!

Marco: Oh, hi, AZ! Nice jet pack!

AZ: I know! Isn't it way rad?

Marco: Looks like you've got the need for speed!

AZ: Totally!

Angelina: Actually, it's a flight pack. And AZ isn't the only lucky mouseling to have it. I've got one too. See?

Viki: Wow! Awesome, Angelina!

Angelina: Isn't this exciting? My flight pack has a super fast jet pack and a glider. Look!

Alice: Cool! I have my own hoverboard which is waterproof. And check it out! I also have a grappling hook!

Gracie: I have a foldable jet powered hoverboard! Isn't it fantastique?

Viki: I've got a glider that also comes with a zipline! Isn't it fun?

Angelina: What about you, Marco? Let us see you flight pack!

Marco: Ok, firstly, there's a glider with a rescue claw arm. Next, there's a rescue rope for emergencies. I also have an emergency chain to help pull things up. And lastly, since I'm still a doctor, I have a medical sled. To complete my set, I have a first aid kit!

Angelina: That's stupendous!

AZ: It's just what we've always wanted!

Angelina: Ok then. Now who's up for a Rescue Ranger adventure?

AZ: Rescue Ranger?

Angelina: It's the name of our new uniforms and backpacks remember? Mrs. Mimi bought all of these for each of us.

Viki: So we can rescue someone at a time in need?

Angelina: Exactly! Now let's check out if somebody needs our help.

A voice was heard from the distance.

Angelina: Hey! It sounds like a family of chipmunks are in trouble!

Viki: We have to save them!

AZ: Let's hit the road!

Alice: Head for the hills! It's time to go!

Marco: Let's go, go, go!

Angelina: Let's go save some chipmunks!

Alice: Yeah!

Once they reached the chipmunk family

AZ: I got this one! Jet pack! Time to fly!

Angelina: It's gliding time! My glider will do the trick!

AZ: I'm on your six, Angelina.

Angelina: Don't worry, chipmunks. We'll save you!

AZ: You hold the father, while I hold the mother!

Angelina: Gotcha!

A few seconds later

Angelina: We did it!

AZ: We sure did!

Angelina: Now, it's time for Marco in action. Marco, there's another chipmunk stuck in a hollow tree! Try to pull it out!

Marco: Got it, Angelina. Claw arm! (manages to pull the chipmunk out of the tree) Got it!

Angelina: Now use your rescue chain winch to retract the tree!

Marco: I'm ready. Winch!

Angelina: Start the motor up!

Marco: Roger that. Winch retract!

Angelina: Looks like our work here is almost done. It's time for a first aid checkup.

Marco: I've got this! Let's see what I've got in my first aid kit. Ok, chipmunks. Let's give you some nuts for nourishment. And here's a blanket to warm you up.

Angelina: Good job, Marco!

Alice: So, what now?

Angelina: We're going to search for more chipmunks to rescue. One dad, one mom. A lot more to go.

Gracie: And there are a lot of other chipmunks that need help right now.

Angelina: Exactly.

AZ: What do we do in the meantime.

Viki: In the meantime, we'll just wait until

A chirp for help is heard.

Angelina: Let's go!

AZ: Ok, let's do this!

Angelina: AZ, use your jet pack to fly to the tree!

AZ: For sure, Angelina! Jet pack! I'm so fly!

Angelina: Now carefully reach the chipmunk so you don't startle him.

AZ: Gotcha! You're safe now, little chipmunk.

Angelina: Great job, AZ!

Alice: Well, that's all the chipmunks. So, now what?

Angelina: I don't know. All we do is.

Suddenly, another voice of distress was heard.

Angelina: Wait and relax!

Gracie: This rescue has one chipmunk too many.

Angelina: Well, at least we cannot say no to our new jobs now. Gracie, use your jet powered hoverboard to fly and help the chipmunks' uncle, I think.

Gracie: Tout de suite, Angelina!

A moment later

Angelina: Gracie, now!

Gracie: Hoverboard! Bet you must be looking for your relatives now, n'est-ce pas?

Angelina: Good job, Gracie! Look! There's another chipmunk over there. I'll go call Viki.

A few moments later

Angelina: Viki, use your zipline to bring that chipmunk here.

Viki: Got it, Angelina! Zipline! Right, little chipmunk. I'll get you home. Reverse! Come on, Angelina. I've got this little guy safe and sound.

Angelina: Thanks, Viki.

Angelina and the Dolphin RescueEdit

Angelina: Ok, everybody. It's dolphin watching time!

All: Yeah!

Marco: I love dolphins!

AZ: Especially when they swim right next to us!

Viki: And we can even pat them!

Angelina: I know you're all excited, but we need to make sure that the dolphins are still safe and sound on the beach.

Alice: You're right.

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