Stefano and Gisela Quesillo are Marco's parents. Although they are generally of Italian descent, they are also from Costa Mousa like their son. They care about Marco and loved him no matter what, even when Marco behaves mischievously in the house.

They will also appear in the 3rd season of Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps


Gisela Quesillo is a very kind mouse who deeply cares for her son. Her physical appearance is somewhat similar to Netti Pisghetti from Curious George, the major difference is that she wears a sky blue dress. She has brown fur like her son. She is voiced by Susan Silo

Stefano is Marco's somewhat hilarious dad. Like Viki, Marco's dad is always bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm and is up for anything. He can be a bit goofy like his son, but he is always careful not to make the same mistakes. He is voiced by Danny Jacobs


Gisela: Now remember, Marco. Try to move the banner a little more to the left. No, I mean to the right. There, that's it, dear. That's just what I wanted.

Marco: Absolutely, mom. I just need to brush off the dirt first.

Gisela: Marco! Tomorrow is your friend Gracie's birthday, remember? The same day as Bastille Day? Get to work first and I will help you with the surprise party later after I wash my paws.

Marco: Don't worry, mom. I will ask my friends for help soon. Oh, Gracie's going to be so excited tomorrow!

Gisela: (after watching everyone evacuating from the restaurant after the cat disaster) Well, at least you got to entertain your friends with your acts. (Marco mimed by slapping himself on his white face)

Gisela: (reading) "It all went well, until the cat catastrophe at the end of the party."

Marco: I'm sorry, mom. I let you down. I even let my friends down, even dad. I wanted to have a special birthday party for Gracie, but it doesn't end well.

Gisela: Oh, Marco. You tried. You did everything amazingly possible. Look on the bright side, sweetie. Your friends sad that they had a good time.

Stefano: Si, Marco. You threw a smart party for your friends and they all enjoyed it. You know what I think about you, my boy? You are a one of a kind mouseling, son.

Gisela: And I will always believe in you, honey. (kisses Marco on the forehead) Your father, too.

Marco: Thanks, mom. I feel much better now.

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