"One, Two, Three, Four, Five" is a song performed by Angelina and Alice and appears in "Angelina's Ballet School" and Disney's The Angelina Ballerina Movie with Lucy.


Angelina: Did you know that counting can be fun?
Let's begin a song with number one
The numbers two and three
Come next in line, and soon you'll see
That the magic has begun

Number four, to move it right along
The next position in our counting song
And then the number five
Will bring your ballet shoes alive
Places, everyone!

Angelina, Alice & Lucy: For every ballerina
Angelina: Just before they point a toe
Angelina, Alice & Lucy: Must know their numbers one to five

And with these five positions
Angelina: You'll be ready for the show
Angelina, Alice & Lucy: And your ballet will come to life
Angelina: Let's count together
One, two, three, four, five.