Miss mimi

Ms. Mimi Jane Squigglytail is the headteacher at Camembert Academy and is everyone's role model. She is one of the nine tritagonists of Hit Entertainment films, The Angelina Ballerina Movie, Angelina Ballerina in the Haunted Mansion, Angelina's New Friend and A Big Day At the Fair. She is from Los Angeles, California, and is voiced by Judith Mason.

Personality Edit

She is kind-hearted, caring, understanding, supportive and good at giving advice to her pupils.

She is a modern, young, fun, warm, and caring

Appearance Edit

Ms. Mimi is a young adult mouse. She wears a purple dress with blue and green details, and matching leggings. She wears green ballet slippers and a green headband. She also has bluish eyes.

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Students Edit

  • Angelina Jeanette Mouseling
  • Alice Bridgette Nimbletoes
  • Marco Fernando Quesillo
  • Grace Madeleine le Chateau
  • Viktoria Andrea Whiskerson
  • Adrian Zander James
  • Carlo
  • Jeanie
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