A Season 4 episode of Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps


On a particular night, AZ and Marco were called by the Queen of Mouseland for a very special assignment. All tuckered out, the Queen decides to go to bed, leaving Marco and AZ to do their jobs as night guards. While the Queen was finally asleep, Sammy Watts sneaks inside the Cheese Palace. A guarded royal crown was sitting there surrounded by red laser beams. It is watched over by AZ and Marco, which is what the special mission is, to guard the royal crown, James Bond style. Sammy cheekily manages to dodge the laser beams and grabs the royal crown, causing the thief alarm to ring. The Queen of Mouseland wakes up and asks what was going on. Knowing that there was trouble, Marco and AZ went to work finding the thief, using their night vision goggles and flashlights. After discovering that the thief is Sammy, Marco and AZ contact Angelina using their bow tie cams on their tuxedos, but soon Sammy opens a trap door that sends AZ falling to the basement of the castle. Now only Marco was left on top. He soon switches from his tuxedo to his SWAT gear and uses his jet pack on his SWAT backpack to fly back home to Chipping Cheddar to tell the bad news.

When Angelina and her friends heard the news, they soon race off and suit up in their new SWAT gear. Angelina explains the mission, then she summons Gracie to use her jackhammer to make holes on the basement walls. Viki must also use her radar scanner to scan through the palace walls. Marco must also use his ice launcher to break down the walls. After the briefing, the team deploys.

Once they reached the palace, Viki uses her radar scanner and begins to scan the walls.


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