Dorothy Anne Elaine Calhoun (aka "Mary" in which Martha calls her "D.A." and Dodger calls her "Dorothy Anne") is the older sister of the Calhoun family and is the main protagonist of the 2017 Hit Entertainment and Universal Studios movie, A Big Day at the Fair. She is a 8-year-old girl who was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has moved to New York City with Angelina, Alice and her dog, Dodger and dreams of becoming a virtuoso violinist at the New York World's Fair. She can play her violin and put on a show for her father's birthday at the fair called The Hoop-Dee-Doo! Musical Revue with Angelina, Alice, and the rest of the Chipping Cheddar gang performing, singing and dancing onstage with Martha and Dodger watching them from backstage. She has a mother and father named Maureen and Rupert and has two younger brothers, Ryan and Michael. She is portrayed by Haley "Cake" Charles, who is famous for the voice of Poppy Cat.
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