Jeanie is a new character in Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps. She first appeared in the special, Angelina’s New Friend. Her catchphrase is "I'm all geared up!" She is voiced by Prudence Alcott, who voiced Little Miss Calamity and Little Miss Magic in The Mr. Men Show. She also has the same personality and voice as Miss Magic, only that she is a farmer. She drives a tractor. Her tractor has a lawn mower at the back. Her backpack contains a rake, a pickaxe, a pitchfork, a spade and a blowtorch.


Jeanie is a Scottish mouseling who likes gardening. She is enthusiastic and is always ready to try something new. Since she is good at gardening, she is given a job as a farmer. She also loves animals. Even though Jeanie is fiery and brave, she doesn't like darkness and filthiness. Whenever she sees that something goes wrong, she says "Oy, gevalt." She is also very energetic and is always bursting with energy. She can be a bit skittish, but nevertheless courageous.


Jeanie has orange fur with blue eyes. She wears a fuchsia dress and black Mary Janes on her feet. She also wears a farmer's hat with a magenta daisy on it. She is very fun loving and easygoing.

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