"Disco Crazy" is a song performed by Marco, Gracie and Viki and appears in the episode "Angelina and the Disco Dance Craze."

Lyrics Edit

Marco, Gracie & Viki: Feel the steady pulse of the disco rhythm
As you're walking down the street
I know my heart will be pounding
Just as soon as I hear that beat

Viki: I can do the New Yorker
Marco: We'll add a little bus stop, too
Gracie: If you don't know how to roll your arms
Marco, Gracie & Viki: We can teach it to you

'Cause we're disco, disco crazy
Come on and dance now get up on the floor
It's not time to be lazy
Why don't you show us what your feet are for?

We're disco, disco crazy
Disco, disco crazy
At any time...any place...anywhere!

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