Carlo is a new character in Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps and in the 2017 Hit Entertainment film A Big Day At the Fair. He first appeared in "Angelina and the New Student." His catchphrase is "I'm ready to go!" He is voiced by Aidan Gemme.


Carlo is a young Italian mouseling who likes music and theatre. He is shy and a bit of a loner at times. He is also very curious and likes to go out on adventures with his friends. He enjoys basketball, swimming and playing board games. He is also gentle, loyal and sensitive. He likes to listen to opera. He is from Milan, Italy.


Carlo has brown fur with green eyes. He wears a yellow T-shirt, black trousers, dark blue sneakers, a straw hat and a red neckerchief similar to a gondolier. He is very kind and has a heart of gold.

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