Angelina in Space is a film featuring characters from Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps.


The film starts as Angelina and Marco are star gazing. They both wished that they could go to the moon one day. The next day, Mrs. Mimi takes Angelina and her friends on a field trip to a space station to watch a rocket launch. The mouselings are so excited that they didn't want to go home just yet. But things are going to get awry when the mouselings are accidentally sealed inside the rocket when they decided to explore what was inside the rocket. Soon the mouselings are getting far away from home. They landed on an abandoned Japanese space station where they meet a young Japanese mouseling astronaut named Shorty (Booboo Stewart) who wishes to go home because he has fulfilled his dream to be the first mouseling astronaut to walk on the moon. They also meet a cow named Lilly (Hayden Panettiere) who is the mission control assistant. After a few comical mishaps, the mouselings soon managed to return back o Earth safely.


Angelina: Wow, look!

Mrs. Mouseling: You two astronauts need to get some sleep. You've got a big day tomorrow.

Angelina: It's going to be fun. I just know it.

Marco: I've never seen a real space rocket before. Look! A shooting star! I wish that we could see and touch the moon.

Angelina: Marco, do you think our wish will come true.

Marco: Sure, Angelina. When you wish on something very special, sometimes, when you at least expect it, it will happen eventually.

Mrs. Mouseling: Angelina! Bedtime! Marco, your mom's waiting for you at the front door.

Marco: Ok! See you tomorrow, Angelina. Coming, Mom!

Angelina: I wish that our dream will come true.

The next day

Angelina: It's the big day! I'll go get my friends! Viki, where are you? Come on. I've got a plan for a field trip.

Viki: Really? I would love to go! Race you, Angelina!

The two mouselings reached Alice's house.

Viki: Psst. Alice.

Angelina: We're on a journey of big discoveries.

Alice: I'm just finishing my breakfast, guys.

Viki: There's no time. You're going to miss it. It's going to be something big.

Alice: Oh, all right.

AZ: Haha! Hit it, Boom Box! (dances to the rhythm of hip hop music)

Angelina: Hi, AZ!

AZ: Hey, guys! I was just busting a new move. What's happening?

Alice: We're not really sure but Angelina has been excited about it since this morning.

AZ: What did you eat this morning, Angelina?

Angelina: Well, I.

AZ: Don't answer that. Count me in!

Everyone laughs.

Gisela: Marco, make sure you clean your room before you leave for school today.

Marco: Ok, Mom. Now, let me see where I left my wristband. Oh, here it is! (laughs)

Gisela: Have you cleaned your room, sweetie?

Marco: Uh.

Gisela: Uh huh. There is one more thing to make this room more clean.

Marco: Mom, I've completely cleaned my room!

Gisela: Then what's this alarm clock doing here, sweetie? Put this right next to your bed.

Marco: Ok.

Gisela: There. All clean. Now you go have fun with your friends at school today (kisses Marco on the forehead) I'll see you tonight.

Marco: Bye, Mom!

Angelina: Come on, Marco! We're going to miss it!

Marco: What's all the excitement about, Angelina?

Angelina: You'll see when you get there. Let's go!

Marco: Right behind you!

Gracie: Ah, perfect!

Angelina: Gracie!

Gracie: Bonjour, mes ami! Angelina, you look very excited.

Angelina: Come on. There's something big waiting for us on our field trip.

Gracie: Are we going to a fashion store.

Viki: Well, not exactly, but, uh.

Alice: You'll see when you get there.

Gracie: Coming!

AZ: Ouch! Gracie, watch it!

Gracie: Pardon, AZ. I didn't see you foot.

AZ: That's all right.

Angelina: Let's go, everyone!

As the mouselings reached school.

Mrs. Mimi: Good morning, class. Today, we're going to watch a real spaceship launch!

All: Yeah!

Gracie: So that's where you're taking us, Angelina?

Angelina: Surprise! I've been trying to tell you.

Viki: Amazing!

AZ: Oh, wow! (a fly buzzes around his face and lands on his nose) Ah choo!

Angelina: Bless you, AZ.

AZ: Thanks. Just a fly in my nose that's all.

Mrs. Mimi: Let's get on with it, class. See you at the bus.

Angelina: Alice, are you as excited as I am?

Alice: Definitely! I would like to see a real spaceship launch sometime.

AZ: Yeah, that will be awesome.

Once the bus reaches the space station.

Mrs. Mimi: Ok, stop right here, mouselings. Behold, the Chipping Cheddar Space Station!

All: Wow!

Mrs. Mimi: On one condition. Please don't touch anything unnecessary. There should be no slime, germs and trash around the area.

All: Ok!

Mrs. Mimi: Now, any questions?

Viki: Excuse me, Mrs. Mimi. Can you please tell us how that device scan actually works?

Mrs. Mimi: Ah, that thing over there. Certainly, Viki. That device scans a life form and determines the proper space suit for the form. It is highly sophisticated. So, if you want to try it, please be careful.

AZ: Can we play around on it?

Mrs. Mimi: No, AZ. You cannot run around or litter around the area. Please follow me to the launching room, mouselings.

Viki: It's time to test the device scan.

Marco: Whoa!

AZ: Awesome, you've already got yourself a space suit.

Angelina: Guys, aren't we suppose to catch up with Mrs. Mimi and the tour group?

Alice: I suppose trying on space suits wouldn't hurt a bit, Angelina.

Angelina: Ok, then.

Gracie: Ooh la la. I feel like I'm floating.

AZ: You're still on the ground, Gracie.

Angelina: Well, we've all got our space suits on.

AZ: Let's go see the spaceship up close.

Alice: Golly. That is huge.

Gracie: Let's take a quick look inside.

Marco: Do you think it's safe to go in there?

AZ: Seriously?

Angelina: Of course! It'll be a snap.

Viki: I call shotgun!

AZ: Ok, guys, we've seen the ship. We better get out of here right now!

Marco: And you shouldn't be touching those things inside the ship.

Alice: I'm a little hungry. Let's see what's in here. Ooh! Donuts! Burgers! Or maybe I'll start with some apple pie!

Angelina: Just don't make a mess, Alice.

Alice: I won't.

Viki: Uh, guys. Someone just closed the spaceship door.

Gracie: Sacre bleu! Are we moving?

Marco: This is not good.

Angelina: What did you press, AZ?

AZ: I didn't press anything, Angelina. Honest!

Gracie: I think I hear something. A low rumbling sound.

Alice: Don't look at me! I was just finishing my chocolate cake!

Angelina: Hurry, Alice! Take a seat. And fast!

Alice: Ok!

As the spaceship blasts off into space.

Angelina: Oh no! We're moving!

AZ: It feels like my stomach is in my throat! I can't breathe!

Gracie: Are we going tre fast? This is just like a roller coaster!

Marco: Help! We've been launched into space.

Viki: Technically, yes!

Once everything died down and the mouselings were in space

AZ: Whew! That was radical!

Alice: At least I didn't throw up after eating all that burger.

Suddenly, the mouselings were floating in mid air.

Viki: What's happening? I'm floating!

AZ: This is awesome!

Marco: Even I'm light as a feather!

Angelina: I could imagine myself dancing in zero gravity.

Alice: Really? I would love to see that.

Suddenly, the mouselings were back on the ground.

Marco: Uh oh. I think we fell.

AZ: We're back on the ground again.

Viki: Oh, that was fantastic!

Meanwhile, back home

Mrs. Mouseling: Angelina, I'm home!

Polly: Mommy, I forgot to tell you. I think Angelina is enjoying herself at the space station that she wouldn't come home.

Mrs. Mouseling: Oh, boy.

Sally Smithers: Hi, AZ! I'm home, big guy!

Cole Smithers: Sally, I think our son couldn't come home at the moment.

Sally Smithers: Space exploring again, was it? Oh no, it's getting late. We've got to find him, Cole!

Yvette Chateau: Gracie, time for your dinner!

Francois Chateau: I think Gracie is not coming back, Yvette!

Yvette: Zut alors! We have to find her!

Laurie Whiskerson: Viki, time to come downstairs for supper!

Barney Whiskerson: Um, Laurie. I think Viki is still enjoying herself at the space station.

Laurie: Oh no! Let's get her home right now, Barney!

Gisela: I knew I shouldn't have made him clean his room. Now my dear son is still angry at me!

Stefano: Now, don't be so hard on yourself, dear. Marco will come back. Let our son take his time.

Gisela: I know. Where has my baby gone?

Back in outer space

Alice: We're getting further and further away from home.

Angelina: I take full responsibility. I just wanted to have a space adventure. Sorry I put you guys into this mess.

Marco: That's ok, Angelina. At least your dream is coming true right now. And besides, I get to touch the moon with you.

Angelina: Thanks, Marco. (kisses Marco on the cheek) You are always by my side.

Alice: Hmm, a pumpkin pie. There's still some left here. Who wants some?

Angelina: Alice, you're still hungry?

Alice: Well, sort of.

Viki: I guess one piece wouldn't hurt.

Alice: Ok, I'll share it with you guys.

Marco: What if we get stomachaches?

Alice: Don't worry, Marco. We won't finish the whole thing, let alone having extra desserts for the ride.

Angelina: I think we should listen to what Marco says.

Gracie: Oui. Marco's a good doctor.

Marco: Of course I am. (blushes)

AZ: What is this place?

Viki: Whatever it is, it's getting closer.

Gracie: I hope it's not Mars.

AZ: I hope it's a Mel's Drive In. I'll go for a Route 66 Burger with extra cheese.

Viki: Easy for you to say, cowboy. I'll go for a fresh milkshake!

Gracie: Mon ami. The rocket ship has stopped. It's time to explore and broaden our horizons?

Alice: But we're lost in space! There's nowhere we can go to.

Marco: Good call, Alice. We need someone to stay and guard the rocket ship.

Alice: Oh, all right. I guess a little exploring wouldn't hurt.

Marco: Where are we going?

Angelina: We're going where no mouseling has ever gone before.

Alice: Guys, wait up! Hey, what is this place?

Something emerged from the shadows.

Alice: (gasps) Oh no! It's an alien!

Angelina: Hey, that sounds like Alice!

Gracie: We've got to help her.

Alice: Aah! The alien's going to eat me!

The shadow suddenly revealed a young mouseling astronaut.

Alice: Uh.

Shorty: I am no alien. I'm a Japanese mousetranaut. The name's Shorty.

Angelina: I'm Angelina. These are my friends, Alice, Gracie, Viki, Marco and AZ.

Shorty: Pleasure to meet you.

Viki: We kind of got on the ship by accident. Can you tell us where this place is?

Shorty: You're aboard the Japanese research space station. I'll show you around. Follow me, yujin.

A moment later

Shorty: In this module, there is a large garden, where we grow all of our food in space.

AZ: Now this is what I call an out of this world garden.

Shorty: Yes, we've been off the orbital grid. Over here, we have our solar panels.

Angelina: So the radio can be played at all times.

Shorty: Right over here is the kitchen.

Alice: Talk about space snacks! Mmmm. I spy Winchell's Donuts! My favorite!

Marco: What is that?

Shorty: Space juice.

Viki: Pee yoo! That stinks. I would rather have an apple juice instead.

Marco: How long have you been up here?

Shorty: Not really sure. I just got here a few days ago. But know this, Marco. Someday, I'm going home back to my homeland in Tokyo.

AZ: You're leaving so soon?

Shorty: Yes. This is supposed to be my seventh mission to the moon.

Angelina: We'll make sure you get home safely, Shorty.

Shorty: Thanks, Angelina. I hope you guys are helping me.

Marco: We'll help you.

Viki: We'll get you home in no time.

AZ: Guys, it's time to fly this baby back to Earth. To the spaceship!

Alice: Wait! I forgot my pirozhki!

Angelina: Save it for later!

Alice: But it's a little snack for the road.

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