Angelina and the Stupendous Six is an animated superhero themed film based on Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps.


Following events after Angelina and Super Polly, Angelina and her friends found six power rings behind Maurice Mouseling's music shop. They soon discovered that each ring gives them unique superpowers! It turns out that the rings belong to Captain Cheddar (aka Charlie Stilton) their mentor. Their job is to stop the evil Professor Clawbush, an evil cat villain who has control freak powers from world domination, as well as controlling other people's minds in a negative way.


Angelina: Hey, everyone! Guess what I found!

Viki: Whoa! What's that?

AZ: Awesome!

Marco: This better be good, Angelina.

Angelina: I found six rings! I wonder what they're doing here?

Alice: Maybe they got stashed away or something.

Gracie: Oui. And they landed right behind Mr. Mouseling's music shop.

Angelina: Well, at least we found them. Grab one!

Viki: Give me the orange one!

AZ: I want red!

Angelina: Ok, each of you get your own colors.

(The mouselings watched as each colored ring shrinks perfectly to their right wrists.)

Alice: Look, the rings matches the colors of our outfits!

Marco: Yeah! This is going to be fun!

AZ: (wakes up in the morning) Time to get some breakfast. (beatboxes while walking downstairs) Hmmm. Let's see what we have here today. (his red ring starts to glow) Whoa! What the? What's happening to me? (opens the door on the fridge, but ends up breaking it.) Wow! I'm super strong! (laser shoots from his eyes) Whoa! My eyes! They seem to make my food warm right now. Oh, well. Happy breakfast for me.

Alice: Time to practice my gymnastics. (her green ring starts to glow) Oh, what's the matter with me? How did I get up here? (notices that she is now elastic) Well, at least I can do my handstands better when I'm this long.

Gracie: Let me get something for breakfast. Aha! French toast, my favorite! Ces't magnifique! (her yellow ring starts to glow) Aaah! How did I become so hot! (founds herself all covered in fire) Sacre bleu! I need water! (she stops burning up) That was tre odd. I could have sworn that I was too hot just now.

Gisela: Marco, have you tidied up your room?

Marco: Oh no! If mom finds out about my room, she's going to flip!

Gisela: Don't make me come in there!

Marco: Oh no! I've got to hide! (his blue ring starts to glow, then he completely vanished)

Gisela: I can smell your bedroom from here! Where are you, dear?

Marco: Mom can't see me? I'm invisible? This is great! Mom will think that this room is empty. (hearing footsteps) Uh oh. This is not good.

Gisela: (when Marco was no longer invisible) There you are! Sorry, honey, but I want this room clean, pronto!

Marco: Mom!

Viki: (notices the clock in the ceiling at her house) Oh no! I'm late for school! I gotta hurry up! (her orange ring starts to glow, then runs like the wind) Hey! I'm so fast! How did that happen? Oh, I just hope that I'm not late for school.

Angelina: Let me get that for you, Polly.

Polly: Thanks, Angelina.

Angelina: Don't worry, it's a bit tricky to get the milk outside from the fridge. (her pink ring starts to glow, then suddenly, she accidentally knocked the glass of milk over, but thankfully, it ended up pouring Polly's cereal) Wow! That was shocking! I didn't know that I could knock the milk over with a karate chop and me dancing at the same time! I didn't know that I could do martial arts either.

Polly: Never mind that. I think I like the new way of how you give milk to me for breakfast.

AZ: (when all the mouseling gathered around the Lunchtime Theater) What's up, Angelina? Is something wrong?

Angelina: The reason I called all of you today for this meeting is that, well, I noticed something strange happening to me! I found out that I could do martial arts besides my ballet moves.

Gracie: Where are Viki and Marco?

Angelina: They should be here any minute.

Marco: What do you mean, Gracie? I'm right here. I'm sitting in front of you.

Angelina: Really? I didn't see you.

Gracie: Aah! Marco, you're a phantom!

AZ: Whoa!

Marco: (becomes visible again) It keeps happening to me. Here one minute, gone the next. It's like that I can really disappear into thin air.

Angelina: That's quite shocking, Marco. Can you stop thinking about it? Now close your eyes and imagine that you're not here.

Marco: (becomes invisible again) See. This is exactly what happens.

Angelina: Marco, you just turned invisible.

AZ: Yeah. now we can't see you anymore.

Marco: I'm still here.

AZ: Oh, yeah. I forgot.

Angelina: We're just missing Viki then.

Gracie: Late as usual.

Viki: (speaking really fast) I'm here! I'm here! Sorry, I'm late. There's a lot going on at my house right now.

Angelina: Viki, you're talking really fast.

Viki: Hold on, I forgot something (runs at super speed, then returns) There! Much better.

AZ: Calm down, Viki. Too much energy bars this morning, huh?

Viki: No, I'm super fast!

Alice: Fast? Really?

Viki: Yeah.

Marco: Whoa! Viki's got mega speed!

AZ: That's just it. Something very strange is happening to me too. I'm strong and can shoot laser beams from my eyes.

Angelina: Gracie, is there anything odd happening to you?

Gracie: I'm finding myself to feel super hot at times. It's like I'm a bread coming out from the oven!

AZ: Uh, Gracie, I hate to break it to you, but can we please see your power in action?

Gracie: Naturelement! (she cooks cheeseburgers with her whole firey body)

AZ: Awesome!

Angelina: Ok, that was quite amazing.

Alice: I'm going to show you what I can do right now. (she becomes elastic and just good enough to trip over a passerby robber) I know it's a bit odd, but I feel so stretchy!

Viki: Yeah, did you see that? Alice saved the day?

Alice: Oh, Viki, you're embarrassing me.

Angelina: It pays to be modest, Alice.

Marco: Seriously. These rings have given us some cool powers!

Gracie: Mai oui! Just think about what we can do. We can save people from evil and danger!

Viki: This is so amazing! I've always wanted to do good in Chipping Cheddar.

Alice: Super! This is going to be the best fun ever!

Angelina: Captain Cheddar says that to be a true hero, we should always stand up for what you know is right.

AZ: Those super suits that Captain Cheddar gave us might come in handy. Let's suit up!

Marco: What are we waiting for? Time to be super!

Gracie: Oui!

Angelina: Guys! Somebody is robbing Mrs. Thimble's store!

Marco: Does anyone wanted to go first (laughs nervously)

Viki: Looks like I'm going to teach these goons a lesson! (runs at super speed, tying the robbers down to a knot)

Angelina: All right, Viki!

AZ: Way to go, Viki! Now, watch what happens when super strength and eyes mix. (heat beams began to shoot from his eyes and throws candy at the robbers)

Alice: Time to stretch out and stop these robbers! (her arms stretch like a rubber band and knocks the robbers over)

Angelina: Oh yeah? Nobody messes with my friends! (does a karate chop and knocks the robbers out cold. But unfortunately, the robbers grabbed her.) Help! Somebody please help me!

Marco: You know what happens when you mess with my girlfriend! Leave Angelina alone! (becomes invisible and gave the robbers a wedgie, tripping them over.)

AZ: I don't believe it! Way to go, Marco, wherever you are.

Gracie: So, you want to play with fire, huh? Beware my wrath! (she becomes flammable and burns the robbers down with her fire guns)

Marco: Gracie's super hot right now.

Angelina: I think our work here is done.

Alice: Promise me you won't tell Mrs. Thimble about this.

Viki: Oh, I better untie her first before we go. (runs at super speed, untying Mrs. Thimble)

AZ: Let's roll, guys!

Mrs. Thimble: Those heroes look familiar. Well, I could have sworn that they were the six young mouselings that I know!

Mrs. Mimi: Six super mouselings? But how? I thought that they were my students. Oh, wait a minute. They were my students! They're superheroes!

Captain Cheddar: The rings take your natural skills and abilities. It's time I show you mouselings how powerful they really are. (they went to the forest) If you have the skill to elude capture, the rings will allow you to blend into your environment. Now, release the bear! (the bear growls and charges toward Marco and AZ)

AZ: Ladies, meet AZ the Bear Slayer Mouse! (suddenly frightened) Uh, I changed my mind. Talk about being scared! Mama!

Viki: Let's watch!

Alice: This is going to be good.

Marco: Now for my disappearing act. (becomes invisible)

AZ: No! (gets cloaked by Marco, the bear charged right through him. A few seconds later, the boys become visible again) What just happened?

Captain Cheddar: Camouflage not only saves you, Marco. But when you focus on other things, your invisibility extends to them as well.

Angelina: Rule number one. If the volley ball touches you, you are out, Viki.

Captain Cheddar: If you are quick of foot and mind, you will become supersonic. Keep your eye on the ball, Viki. Ready?

Viki: I accept your challenge! (runs at super speed, becoming a mini orange tornado)

Captain Cheddar: If you carry great strength and vision, you will be stronger in your reflexes.

AZ: Watch me! (heat beams began to shoot from his eyes to disintegrate a tree trunk. Then ice beams began to shoot from his eyes to freeze a popsicle. Later, he shows his super strength by chopping the burnt wood from the tree trunk)

All: Whoa!

Captain Cheddar: Soon, you will be able to manipulate those powers on your own, AZ. But don't brag about it.

Angelina: Better stand back, everyone. Gracie is going to demonstrate her power.

Captain Cheddar: If you have clarity of thought, you will be able to control your body from the flames in you. Here, Gracie. Let me give you some alcohol to enhance your flames.

Gracie: Oui. I will try it out. (pours alcohol all over her body. Then she demonstrates her power by burning the green grass down with pretty strong fires)

Alice: I can feel the heat!

AZ: Wow, this is cool!

Viki: Far out!

Captain Cheddar: Very good, Gracie. Remember, always control your flames so that you won't harm yourself.

Angelina: Ok, Captain Cheddar. So what do I do?

Captain Cheddar: Now, Angelina, watch closely as your opponent reaches you. (a hungry looking wolf comes over)

Angelina: I've got this. (kicks the wolf over with full force)

Captain Cheddar: Well, I'll be. A kick chick ballerina you are, Angelina.

Gracie: The last one will be Alice.

Captain Cheddar: If you are agile, you will become as flexible as rubber.

Alice: All right then. Let's play tag. As you can see, I'm it! (laughs) Tag, Viki! You're it!

Viki: Try and stop me!

Alice: Tag, Marco. You're next!

Marco: (laughs) Can't catch me, Alice!

Captain Cheddar: Take control of your flexibility one step at a time.

Alice: That's exactly what I'm working on. My flexibility. Now, let's see if I can tag all my friends at once. Tag! You're all it!

AZ: Well, Alice. You won fair and square.

Captain Cheddar: Alice, remember, when your ring is activated your body has the consistency of rubber. Electricity cannot conduct through rubber. So only you can protect your friends from a direct hit. Now that you have mastered your individual skills, stop Professor Clawbush and save the world. Chipping Cheddar is counting on you.

Angelina: (after Captain Cheddar was attacked by Professor Clawbush) Captain Cheddar will be alright in a few minutes. It's time we put our skills to the test now.

Viki: It's time to be a team. Time to be Super Mouselings!

Gracie: Don't even think about messing with my friends! (pours alcohol all over her body, she becomes super hot and burns Professor Clawbush down)

Professor Clawbush: No! That's hot! Get that hot Gracie off me!

Gracie: As you wish! (growls)

Professor Clawbush: Now then, who's next.

Alice: Don't worry, I know what to do. (Professor Clawbush strikes Alice with his electrical charges, but Alice fends them off) Uh uh, I don't think so, Clawbush! You're about to be outnumbered!

Professor Clawbush: Curse you, Alice Nimbletoes! (throws plastic)

Viki: I got this! (runs at super speed forming an orange tornado)

Professor Clawbush: No! Stop! That's enough, speedy Viki!

Angelina: Oh yeah. Try this on for size! (kicks and punches Professor Clawbush with full force) How's that for real pain?

Professor Clawbush: Ouch, I've been attacked by Angelina Ballerina.

AZ: Nobody bullies my friends. You're messing with the wrong mouseling!

Professor Clawbush: This I got to see from you, AZ!

AZ: Bring it! (heat and ice beams began to shoot from his eyes, striking Professor Clawbush on and on. Later, he head butted him in the face like an angry bull) Eat my face!

Marco: Awesome, AZ!

Viki: Yeah, you rock!

Angelina: That's our, AZ!

Gracie: I'll trap him with my fire. (after a few seconds she can't hold it) Zut alors! I can't hold it forever!

Angelina: Marco, this is really a very good time for us to disappear.

AZ: Yeah, do the trick.

Marco: You've got it. (becomes invisible and cloaks his friends so they were invisible too)

AZ: (after their camouflage wears off) I have really enjoyed being your friends! Goodbye, world!

Angelina: We must not give up.


Zachary Levi as Charlie Stilton/Captain Cheddar

Charlotte Spencer as Angelina Mouseling/Ninja Girl

Naomi McDonald as Alice Nimbletoes/Elastic Girl

Jules de Jongh as Marco/Invisiboy

Jo Wyatt as Gracie/Firegirl

Hilary Duff as Viki/Speedgirl

Justin Bieber as A.Z./Strong Powerboy

Judith Mason as Ms. Mimi

Ron Perlman as Professor Clawbush

James McAvoy as Mr. Maurice Mouseling

Emily Blunt as Mrs. Matilda Mouseling

Leah Zabari as Polly Mouseling

Beverley Klein as Mrs. Thimble

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