Angelina and the Haunted Pirate Ship is a Halloween themed Angelina Ballerina movie.


Halloween at Chipping Cheddar turns into a spooky and ghostly time when there's a phantom roaming around on an old abandoned pirate ship. Angelina and her friends are busy with getting everything ready for the Halloween celebration. They are all in costume, Angelina is dressed as a young swan: a cygnet, Alice is dressed as a fairy princess, Gracie is dressed as a gypsy, Viki is dressed as a wicked witch, AZ is dressed as an alien and Marco is dressed as a clown. Viki and Gracie were carving Jack O' Lanterns outside. Suddenly, they seemed to look scared, as a green figure walks right towards them. As soon as the green figure gets close, they finally realizes that it was only AZ in his alien costume, with green face paint on. He is wearing green all over, like the color of an alien. When Angelina and Alice were putting the finishing touches on their Halloween decorations, Alice was suddenly squirted by water. The source of the water comes from a flower. The flower was squirted by Marco in his clown costume, wearing clown makeup, a cone hat, a red nose, white gloves and a red and white polka dotted bowtie. His normal attire was covered with the bow tie. Angelina laughs and tells Marco that he gets Alice wet. Even Alice was laughing too now. Soon, everyone is ready to go trick or treating, even Polly, who dresses up as a painter. The first mouseling to trick or treat is Alice. She pretends to fly around the porch like a fairy. Next, AZ pretends to be a real alien. Then, Angelina dances like a swan. Next, Marco balances on his clown ball, but clumsily does a perfect pratfall after his act. Suddenly, Angelina gets a call from Maurice Mouseling that there's a Phantom on a pirate ship. Angelina and her friends stopped trick or treating for the moment to solve the mystery. Soon, when they reach the pirate ship, they hear spooky noises. But it turns out to be Mrs. Thimble snoring on the pirate ship. She told them that she had been sleepwalking and has been snoring ever since she had fallen asleep. Angelina and her friends are relieved that the mystery is over and they all proceed on their Halloween party! In the end, Marco juggles pies, but the pies end up landing on his face! Everyone laughs at how silly Marco the clown really is!


Alice: Oh, Halloween. It's the best fun ever! We get to trick or treat with our costumes tonight!

Gracie: Mai oui! I love dressing up for Halloween!

Viki: Me too! A little to the left, Gracie.

Angelina: How are the decorations coming so far, mouselings?

Viki: We're almost finished pumpkin carving.

Gracie: Only three more pumpkins to go.

Angelina: (gasps) What's that?

Gracie and Viki: What's what?

Angelina: See that? There' something moving around that bush.

Viki: It's getting closer!

Before the girls could scream, a green figure stepped forward.

AZ: Hey, it's only me, AZ! I come in peace!

Angelina: Phew. Thank goodness it's only you, AZ.

Alice: Yeah, you scared us.

Viki: AZ, you're quite the trickster.

AZ: It's Halloween, I was born to do that.

Angelina: We still can recognize you, even with that green face paint on.

Alice: And you alien costume.

Everybody laughs.

Angelina: Now, Alice, let's get back to work putting the finishing touches on the decorations.

Alice: Ok, Angelina. Let's do it.

Angelina: A little to the right, Alice. No, the left. Wait, the middle.

Alice: I'm trying, Angelina. These paper ghosts seem to be a little bit stiff. (she gets sprayed by water) Hey, what's with all the water?

Angelina: I didn't do it!

Gracie and Viki: Neither do us!

AZ: Uh uh, not me!

Alice: Then who did it? Of all the jokes on me I'm going to get the person to be responsible for this!

Marco: (laughs) That's my best clown trick ever! Good job, squirting flower. (honks his red nose)

Angelina: Marco, you goofball!

Alice: You're quite the clown.

Marco: No, Alice. I AM the clown. I love being one.

Gracie: I see you've got your clown makeup on, Marco.

Viki: Yeah, and your polka dot bow tie is awesome too.

Angelina: Lovely red nose.

Marco: Thanks. I could maybe join the circus and clown around for the rest of my life!

Angelina: Someday, Marco, you will. Now that we're all ready, let's go trick or treating!

Polly: Wait for me! I can't go trick or treating without my painting beret.

Angelina: All right, Polly. Let me find that beret for you.

AZ: Here, Polly. I've been holding to this beret all the time.

Polly: Thanks. AZ.

Angelina: Now, who's ready for trick or treating?

Everyone cheers.

All: Trick or treat!

Mrs. Mimi: Well, what have we here? Let's see, there's a swan.

Angelina: Yes, Mrs. Mimi. The swan was only me in costume, you know. For I'm a little baby swan called a cygnet. Ko-ho! Ko-ho!

Mrs. Mimi: I can see that, Angelina. Can you please do your Swan Lake dance for me?

Angelina: Sure. (music from Swan Lake begins to play while Angelina dances and whistles) Ko-ho! Ko-ho!

Mrs. Mimi: Brava, Angelina. Here's a treat for you.

Angelina: Hoop-dee-doo! Thanks, Mrs. Mimi.

Alice: Look, Mrs. Mimi. I'm doing fairy gymnastics. Watch this. (does a flip and a handstand) I can fly like one too. See? (flies around the porch) I think I've got it.

Mrs. Mimi: Nice, Alice. Here's a treat for you.

Alice: Hoop-dee-doo! Thanks.

AZ: Greetings, Mrs. Mimi. I come in peace!

Mrs. Mimi: AZ, you're an alien, but a friendly one in fact.

AZ: I sure am, Mrs. Mimi. Can I have a treat now?

Mrs. Mimi: (laughs) Sure. Here you go.

AZ: Thanks.

Marco: Look, Mrs. Mimi. I'm a clown! I'm going to balance myself on my clown ball!

Mrs. Mimi: (laughs) Let me see you do that, Marco.

Marco: (balances on his clown ball) Whoa! Whoa! I'm tripping! (falls flat and does the pratfall) Ta da!

Mrs. Mimi: Outstanding, Marco! That was a great clown trick!

Marco: Thank you, Mrs. Mimi.

Mrs. Mimi: Someday, you're going to be in a clown school.

Everyone laughs.

Viki: Hmmm, what trick shall I do? Oh, I know! (imitates the voice of the Wicked Witch of the West) Give me all your candy! And your chocolate too!

Mrs. Mimi: That's very good, Viki. Here's a treat for you.

Viki: Thanks.

Gracie: I can see you have lots of candy apples, chocolates and treats in your bag, Mrs. Mimi.

Mrs. Mimi: Oh, you're right. Good fortune telling, Gracie. Nice gypsy outfit.

Gracie: Merci.

One moment later

Mr. Mouseling: Uhm, Angelina. Sorry to bother you.

Angelina: (on the phone) Hi, Dad. What's the matter?

Mr. Mouseling: Oh, we're kinda busy trick or treating too, but I discovered a haunted abandoned pirate ship in the middle of nowhere. And I think I see a Phantom walking around on it.

Angelina: What? A Phantom?

Mr. Mouseling: Positive. Now call all your friends to solve this mystery right now.

Angelina: Ok, Dad. (hangs up) Sorry, guys. We'll continue trick or treating later. Right now, my Dad wants us to help him with a mystery.

AZ: Cool! A mystery! I'm ready for it!

Viki: So, what's the mystery, Angelina.

Angelina: Dad just saw a Phantom walking around on an old abandoned pirate ship.

Gracie: Sacre bleu! A ghost?

Alice: No way!

AZ: We've got to stop him!

Angelina: Don't worry, we can all help Dad and catch the ghost.

Marco: We will?

Angelina: Of course we will, Marco. Don't be such a scaredy clown.

Marco: I'm not scared, I think. Even for a clown like me.

Angelina: All right then, let's go.

A few minutes later.

Alice: It looks like an old pirate ship, all right.

Mr. Mouseling: Yes. I saw a Phantom walking by right here.

Viki: Phantoms usually appear in stories.

Mr. Mouseling: You're wrong, Viki. I saw one right here.

Suddenly, there was a scary roar.

AZ: What's that?

Gracie: Oh no!

Angelina: Is that what I think it is?

Marco: Uh oh. It's the Phantom!

Mr. Mouseling: See? What did I tell you? It's the Phantom.

AZ: And it's going to eat us.

Angelina: Not for long. I have a plan.

AZ: What's the plan, Angelina?

Angelina: We'll distract the Phantom.

Alice: But how?

Angelina: We're going to lure the phantom with some candy apples.

Mr. Mouseling: Brilliant idea, Angelina. The Phantom loves candy apples.

Alice: They sure do.

Gracie: Oui. I'll get some candy apples from my bag.

Angelina: Ok, Gracie, you spread the candy apples all over the ground. Viki and Marco, you two try to catch the Phantom when he comes by. AZ, be in position. You know what you're supposed to do, right?

AZ: Sure thing, Angelina. I've always wanted to do this!

Just then, the scary roar was heard again.

Angelina: Was that the Phantom again?

AZ: (shudders) Could be.

Alice: Somebody should have a closer look.

Angelina: Ok, I'll do it.

AZ: Careful, Angelina.

Marco: Don't let the Phantom eat you.

Angelina: I'm sure I've heard that noise a minute ago.

Everyone gasps as Angelina opens the sheet cover to reveal the Phantom.

Angelina: Hey, everybody. It's okay. It's only Mrs. Thimble. She's been sleepwalking and snoring at the same time. That's where the scary noises came from.

All: Phew!

Viki: I'm sure glad that's over. Case closed.

Mrs. Thimble: What? What happened? Where am I?

Angelina: Mrs. Thimble, ever since you're asleep, you were sleepwalking. Your snores even sound like the Phantom.

Mrs. Thimble: Phantom? What Phantom?

Angelina: Don't worry, it's all over now. You sure gave all of us a fright.

Mr. Mouseling: Exactly.

Mrs. Thimble: Sorry, Angelina. Even I have no idea how I got here. I should have stayed in my bed while I'm asleep.

Alice: Don't worry, Mrs. Thimble. Sometimes the best way to go to sleep is not to think about anything.

Gracie: Mais oui.

Viki: That is so true.

Angelina: Now, who's ready to finish our Halloween party?

All: Yeah!

Moments later, Angelina and her friends continued their Halloween party.

AZ: Greetings, earthlings! I come in peace! Take me to your leader!

Everyone laughs.

Marco: Hey, everybody! Who wants some pie!

All: Me! Me!

Polly: I do! I do!

Marco: Ok. Here it comes. But I'm going to juggle them first.

AZ: Um, Marco, I hate to break it to you but, if my calculations are correct, those pies will land on your face instead.

Marco: Oh, right. (juggles pies)

Angelina: Keep juggling, Marco. We can wait for the pies.

Marco: Just a little more. Whoa! (pies fly out of his hands) Uh oh! (pies fall into his face)

Everyone laughs.

AZ: I told you so!

Marco: (laughs) Now who wants some pie?

Angelina & Alice: Hoop-dee-doo!

Everyone laughs.


  • Charlotte Spencer as Angelina Mouseling
  • Naomi McDonald as Alice Nimbletoes
  • Jules de Jongh as Marco
  • Jo Wyatt as Gracie
  • Hilary Duff as Viki
  • Justin Bieber as A.Z.
  • Judith Mason as Mrs. Mimi
  • James McAvoy as Mr. Maurice Mouseling
  • Emily Blunt as Mrs. Matilda Mouseling
  • Leah Zabari as Polly Mouseling
  • Beverley Klein as Mrs. Thimble
  • Janet Andre Reubens as The Phantom
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