Angelina Saves Christmas is a Christmas special based on Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps.


Tagline: Christmas will come to the world. And what to our wondering eyes should appear: but Mrs. Mimi's sleigh and her lively rein...mouselings?

This delightful animated tale stars favorite Angelina Ballerina characters who takes place of a flu stricken Santa Mouse and his sneezy reincats. Soon, Mr. Mouseling must give Angelina and her friends flying lessons. After two weeks of flight training, Angelina, Alice, Gracie, Viki, Marco, A.Z., Tommy and Polly succeed and Angelina's and Alice's noses are glowing red, with their magic reindeer antler headbands appearing on their heads and they become Rudolph rein mouselings and Marco, Gracie, Viki, A.Z. and Polly become rein mouselings with magic reindeer headbands on and glowing red-nosed Angelina and Alice leading them. On Christmas Eve, a dastardly villainous cat (voiced by John Michael Higgins) steals Santa Mouse's magic toy bag, purposely breaks the sleigh and kidnaps the mouselings to the North Pole leaving their parents grounded. Now, it's up to Angelina, Alice, Gracie and all their friends to return the magic toy bag in time, help fix the sleigh, free themselves from the no-good cat and save Christmas by helping Ms. Mimi (Santa Mouse's replacement) bring Christmas and deliver presents to the children of Mouseland and the world.


  • The song that was featured in this Angelina Ballerina Christmas special is called The Present.
  • The characters who will pull the sleigh two by two in order from the first line are:
    • Angelina and Alice
    • Gracie and Viki
    • Marco and AZ
    • Polly and Tommy
    • Mrs. Mimi will be Santa Mouse's replacement!
  • There are some similar scenes during the song "The Present" from Nine Dog Christmas, which will also feature some background scenes from the Paw Patrol Christmas special "Pups Save Christmas", which shows us the scene where Angelina and all her friends help Mrs. Mimi bring Christmas and deliver presents to the children of the world by flying through and above:

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Angelina: Ah. What a beautiful Christmas Eve.

Polly: So, where are we going?

Angelina: I'm not so sure, Polly. Maybe we're going somewhere, or nowhere.

Alice: Poor Polly. You must be hungry, aren't you?

Polly: No. I'm just wondering where we're going, that's all.

Viki: I'm so cold.

Marco: Ok, Reincats, let's see how you're doing. Thermometer! Open wide and say "Ahh". Hmm. A little on the high fever side. Medicine! Here you go, little fella. This will help. How's that? Feel better? (the reincats nodded in approval)

Alice: Things have finally gone right for us in the first place. And now this happens! We've been mousenapped!

Gracie: Cheer up, mes ami. Angelina never let us go into troubles that we couldn't get out of. Right, Angelina?

Angelina: Sure, Gracie. Sure.

Viki: I couldn't have said it better myself.

Polly: So where are we going now, Angelina? Is it someplace fun, exciting and amazing?

Angelina: (sighs) Oh, dear.

Gracie: What's taking so long? I'm freezing my body over here!

AZ: Talk about chilling, posse. Whoa! Even a super ninja like me can't stand the cold. I'm shaken and shivering, not stirred!

Viki: I've never lived in this kind of weather!

Angelina: You may, but I'm freezing.

Alice: Me too!

Marco: Here, you can stand by me, Angelina. And I'll keep you out of the cold wind. I've got a blanket. (wraps the blanket around Angelina) This should help warm you up. Thanks to my medical expertise.

Angelina: Thanks, Marco. You make my heart melt! You're my favorite doctor!

AZ: My teeth are chattering! There's no way a super ninja like me shivers on a time like this!

Gracie: My mouth was frozen shut! We never get this kind of weather from where I come from!

Alice: What are we going to do?

Angelina: How are you holding up, Polly?

Polly: Me? Oh. I just. I've got one thing to say, Angelina. Help!

Angelina: Help? That's it!

Alice: What's it?

Angelina: AZ, use your missile drone to get help.

AZ: Right, Angelina! AZ Ninja Mouse is in the house! Deploy missile drone! Launch! Find help. Wait a minute! My drone sees Mr. and Mrs. Mouseling. They're coming to help us!

Everyone cheers.

Angelina: All right, my mum and dad and my brother Tommy are on their way!

AZ: Don't worry, guys. Help is on the way.

Angelina: Now, AZ, use your zip line to get us out of here!

AZ: Will do, Angelina! Zip line!

Angelina: Perfect. Now let's get out of here!

Gracie: (after seeing Dag falling down landing on a rock flowing through the icy cold water) Au revoir, Dag! Don't forget to write and send us a postcard!

Everyone laughs.

Mrs. Mouseling: Come on, kids!

Mr. Mouseling: We're going to save Christmas.

Angelina: (when she and her friends are surrounded by magical animated sparkling flying dust, making reindeer antler headbands appear on their heads and Angelina and Alice's noses start to glow red) Whoa! What's happening? Why do we all have antlers on our heads? And why does my nose glow red?

Alice: And why does mine glow red, too?

Santa Mouse: That's what happens to the leaders, Alice and Angelina. So your red noses could be the lights that will guide the way for the rest of your friends on the sleigh.

Viki: I think I'm going to have to call you both Angelina and Alice Rudolphina.

Alice: We are?

Angelina: (scoffs) Very funny.

Santa Mouse: No matter what happens tonight, I wanted to thank you all for replacing me and my Reincats.

Angelina: Really truly! You're welcome!

Alice: We should thank you. You're the one who hired us to pull the sleigh.

Marco: And my medical expertise seems to be working. My spoonful of medicine should do the trick to cure your reincats' flu. And I've checked them with my X ray screen and found no, brakes, sprains and broken bones.

Angelina: Oh, absolutely, positively, really truly, Marco!

AZ: Enough chatter, posse! Let's do this!

Angelina and Alice: Hoop-dee-doo! (giggling)

Suddenly, Angelina, Alice and their friends are magically lifted off the ground, floating in midair.

Mrs. Mimi: I can't believe I'm saying this. Ho ho ho! Now, Angelina and Alice! Now, Gracie and Viki! On Marco and AZ and Tommy and Polly! To the top of the porch and the top of the wall! Now, dash away! Dash away! Dash away all! Round and round and round the world we go! It doesn't matter where we'll stop! Just go with the flow! Wait a minute! I said too much, didn't I?

Santa Mouse: I couldn't have said it better myself, Mrs. Mimi!

AZ: Yeah. Especially that "Go with the flow" thing. I'm the one who should have said it, Mrs. Mimi!

Mrs. Mimi: Well, what am I supposed to say now?

Santa Mouse: What about "Fly away, mouselings!"

Angelina: (when she and her friends were pushed forward to the slide for liftoff) I'm not sure about this! I think I'm getting nervous!

Polly: You're telling me!

Alice (founds out that she, Angelina and the rest of her friends are already up in the air): We did it! We're flying!

Angelina: Absolutely, positively!

Gracie: I can't hardly believe my own eyes! Ooh la la!

AZ: I'm so fly, I'm flying high up in the air.

Viki: Aaargh! I'm afraid of heights!

Angelina: Viki, don't look down.

AZ: So long, posse! Merry Christmas and see you tomorrow! (goes down the chimney with Mrs. Mimi)

Gracie: (when she reaches her house) Merci beaucoup, Mrs. Mimi. You have made this year the best Christmas ever!

Mrs. Mimi gave her a happy wink.

Viki: This is the greatest holiday ever! Thank you for taking us on an awesome adventure on that sleigh.

Mrs. Mimi: Come along now, Viki. Your parents are waiting. (goes down the chimney together)

Alice: Good night, Angelina. Good night, Marco. Thanks for everything!

Angelina: (blushing) Oh, Alice. I didn't deserve that. After all, you're still my best friend.

Marco: Was there ever any problems that we all couldn't get out of? Thanks to Angelina and you, Alice. You both get us out of all kinds of problems.

Alice: Yeah, and you're mine too. Oh, and if it weren't for Mrs. Mimi pulling us on that sleigh, we'd still be dancing to your songs if it wasn't for you, Marco. And you did a fantastic job administering medical treatment to Santa Mouse and his reincats.

Everyone laughs.

Mrs. Mimi: (noticing that Angelina and Marco both looked sad) What's the matter, you two? Are you worried about the rest of your friends?

Angelina: Yes, Mrs. Mimi. It's just that. I don't know. (sighs)

Marco: Well, they've all got those happy looks, healthy and fit bodies and nice smiles during our adventure around the world. Even us.

Mrs. Mimi: Of course! And I know! I'm sure Santa Mouse would be proud of all of us. Especially you, Marco. You took care of Santa Mouse really well with your medical treatment. Now, come along. Each of your parents must be worried about you.

Angelina: Wasn't this the best Christmas ever?

Marco: It could have been better.

Angelina: Sometimes, I decided that I wanted to do a selfless act of kindness. And look, I just did!

Marco: Well, that's really cool, huh?

Angelina: I never know that I could do a thing like that. Someday, I'm going to do it again. Merry Christmas, Marco.

Marco: Merry Christmas, Angelina.

Angelina: Really truly! I can't believe I'm going to kiss my doctor friend under the mistletoe right now!

They both hold hands, looking at each other with adoring eyes and kissed under the mistletoe.

Gracie: Ooh la la! That's shocking!

Viki: Am I the only one who's watching them kissing underneath the mistletoe?

Everyone laughs as they watched the shocking scene.

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