Angelina Jeanette Mouseling is the main character of the new series Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps and is the deuteragonist of Hit Entertainment films, Angelina Ballerina: The First Movie, Angelina in the Haunted Mansion, Angelina's New Friend and A Big Day At the Fair. She is voiced by Charlotte Spencer. Angelina is from London, England.


Angelina is kind-hearted, cheeky and passionate about ballet. Along with her family, she has a great imagination when it comes to do things, for example, in the episode "Angelina and the Music Store" She decides to do a party in the name of the music.

Angelina's Friends Edit

Her best friend is Alice because they have met a very long time before Angelina moved to her new school.But later,she builds a strong bond with Marco, her crush, a rivalry with Gracie and a healthy relationship with Viki and A.Z.

Catchphrases Edit

Her catchphrases are "Absolutely, positively!", "Really, truly!", "Stupendous!", "I'm Angelina Ballerina!", "Hoop-dee-doo!" and "Hooray!"

Appearances Edit

Angelina Have Pink Skin And Wear A Pink Tutu And Pink Ballet Shoes


Alice - Angelina and Alice have been best friends since they were young kids. They both love to learn new things and are very clever and imaginative too. When there is an upcoming show, Angelina and Alice pair up.

Marco - Angelina and Marco are closest friends but they both share another relationship. Angelina has a massive crush on Marco and same goes with Marco. Each time when Marco sees Angelina, he starts liking her a little more but when Angelina is around her, he acts like if he didn't like her at all. But, deep inside they both have feelings for one another.


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