Angelina's Egyptian Adventure is an Indiana Jones themed Angelina Ballerina movie.


The film opens with Angelina and her friends at the Chipping Cheddar Museum, looking at an Egyptian exhibit. Always wanting to be an archaeologist, Marco begins to collect some old relics from his dad, Stefano Quesillo. Before Stefano became a doctor, he was once an archaeologist too. Now, he is showing his son some of his old explorer gadgets of his. Marco is super excited and decides that he wants to come along with his parents on an expedition. But his parents warned him that it will be too dangerous for such a young mouseling. When the day of the expedition arrive, Marco's mom Gisella Quesillo kisses him goodbye and tells him to take care of himself. Unfortunately, Marco has plans of his own. Knowing that somehow his parents needed help and would be in trouble, thanks to a greedy grave robber rat and his pet lizard accompanying them, he sets off wearing his fedora hat and bandana. His normal attire was covered with the bandana. Then he finds his friends and they all stowaway on an airplane en route to Egypt. Adventure awaits! Once they arrived in Egypt, they discovered many challenges during their quest with the help of a German chipmunk named Lars (voiced by Max Casella) and a baby elephant named Jazzi (voiced by Tiffany Espensen). There are quicksands, a puzzle room and many other tests in their path. But eventually in the nick of time, the mouseling managed to save the treasure from the greedy grave robber rat and his lizard and Marco reunites with his parents.


Marco: Whoa! Indiana Mouse was the coolest explorer ever!

Gracie: Perhaps his spirit lives in you.

Stefano: Marco, I have something to show you.

Marco: What is it, Dad?

Stefano: It's my compass. It is a very special item that used to guide me on my journeys as an adventurer.

Marco: Really?

Stefano: Yes. Now, better a young mouseling explorer like you have it. Oh. And I wanted to give you this. It's my old bandana.

Gisella: Sweetie, we better get ready for tomorrow.

Stefano: Oh yes. Yes. Of course. Surely, a trip to Egypt is very exciting.

Marco: Mom, can I come with Dad to Egypt?

Gisella: No, no, Marco. I'm afraid that you're still too young to go out on an adventure like that.

Marco: So, I can't go?

Gisella: No, sweetie. You will have to stay here.

Marco: (sighs) Sure, Mom. I understand.

Stefano: But don't worry. We'll bring you back a souvenir from Egypt.

The next day

Marco: I can't believe I'm missing all the fun I'm going to have in Egypt.

Gisella: Take care of yourself, baby. Remember, you're an 8 year old who still needs a little more growing up to do. We'll call you when we land. And then every day, twice.

Stefano: Don't you worry, Marco. You'll be all right, son.

Chad Ratacre: Well, well, well. What have we here?

Stefano: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were coming along for the ride. Have we met before?

Chad Ratacre: Where are my manners? Let me introduce myself. I'm Chad Ratacre.

Stefano: I'm Stefano Quesillo. And this is my wife, Gisella. I was just revving up the engine in my car.

Chad Ratacre: Well, what are we waiting for, Stefano. Chop, chop! Let's go!

Marco: (sighs) Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.

Stefano: Be good, son.

Gisella: Bye, sweetie. (kisses Marco)

Boris: Well, Marco. He won't be bringing you back anything, orchechornya.

Marco: Hmm.

Boris: When we find the jewel, I will finally get to rule over the world! Long live the Russkie lizard!

Marco: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Boris: Dasvidaniya, Marco, the little popov! (laughs)

Marco: That Russian lizard cannot get away with this. Don't worry, Mom and Dad. I'm coming to save you! Unless I get to wear my explorer outfit first.

One second later, Marco was wearing a bandana and a fedora hat.

Marco: Ta da! Adventure awaits!

Viki: We heard your emergency call. Is everything ok?

Marco: My Mom and Dad are in trouble! You know that jewel Mrs. Mimi told us about?

Angelina: Yeah, so?

Marco: Well, that creepy Russian lizard said he was going to get the jewel for himself and use it to rule the world!

AZ: Yo. That is not cool! Nobody messed with AZ, the Super Ninja.

Angelina: What are we waiting for? It's time for an adventure.

Alice: Fantastic!

Viki: Team Mouselings to the rescue!

AZ: What's the plan now, Marco?

Marco: We hitch a ride to Egypt and kick some lizard tail!

Marco: I think we're on the road again.

Angelina: Ok, we've got a lot of ground to cover. Let's split up. AZ, you go with Marco. Viki, you stick with Gracie. Alice, you're with me.

Marco: All right, let's go track them down.

Gracie: Mais oui!

AZ: AZ, Ninja Mouse is in the house!

Angelina: Aww, that stuffed chameleon toy is absolutely positively cute! I'll get one for myself.

A few seconds later

Angelina: This is going to be my favorite stuffed toy for the rest of my life!

AZ: Oh, boy! Pita breads! My favorite!

Marco: We're on a mission, AZ. Remember?

AZ: Even a super ninja like me needs to have a full stomach during his missions sometimes. Besides, sampling a new country's cuisine is fun. Lock pick! One kebab for me! (gasps as suddenly, a German chipmunk named Lars steals his bread) Hey! Stop thief!

A few moments later.

AZ: Ha! I've got you now, you dirty chipmunk crook!

Lars: Please don't hurt me! I'm innocent, I tell you!

Angelina: AZ, looks like somebody's been stealing your pita bread.

Lars: I'm a humble guy. Honest!

AZ: (sighs) Ok, guess this makes us even. Here, you can have my bread instead.

Lars: I'm Lars. And I'm a humble German chipmunk, ja?

AZ: AZ's the name, and these are my friends.

Angelina: Pleased to meet you, Lars. I'm Angelina. This is Alice, Gracie, Viki and Marco.

Lars: Vat a pleasure to be meeting you all. Vat brings you to Egypt. I'm also a tourist myself.

Marco: Actually, we're looking for my parents. They were last seen with a bad rat and a creepy Russian lizard.

Lars: Oh! I think I have seen them.

Marco: You've seen him? And you've also seen my parents?

Lars: Ja. Sure I'm sure.

Marco: Guys, he knows where my Mom and Dad are. Give him anything.

Lars: It is getting late. I vill show you your mom and dad in the morning, Marco. Follow me, friends.

AZ: I'm ready when you are, Lars!

Lars: This way, mouselings.

Once they reach a warehouse, the mouselings heard something.

Angelina: Quick, hide! Someone's coming!

Once they heard the door close, they heard the sound of someone crying.

Angelina: Hey, what's wrong, little elephant? Are you ok?

Jazzi: That mean rat stole me from my home and he's trying to sell me.

Alice: You were taken away from your home? That's awful.

Jazzi: I must go back. Can you help me, please?

AZ: Allow me to introduce myself. The name's AZ.

Elephant: My name is Jazzi.

Angelina: I'm Angelina and these are my friends. Maybe we can help.

Lars: (pops out behind a haystack) Is the coast clear?

Angelina: Lars, this is Jazzi.

Lars: Hallo, Jazzi. You seem like a nice little elephant, ja?

Marco: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we're stuck in here. The door is locked.

Lars: I will go see what I can find out. You all get a good night's rest, ja? Gute nacht to you all.

The next day

Lars: Mouselings!

AZ: What's up?

Lars: Your parents are leaving in the morning, Marco. They're on their way to explore.

A moment later, a whistle was heard.

Jazzi: I know that whistle. The rat is coming to sell me.

Angelina: Not if we have anything to do with it.

Viki: I have an idea, Jazzi. You're up for it?

Jazzi: Anything to get back home.

Jazzi the elephant begins to trumpet wildly and stomps her feet in anger. That is enough to scare the rat away. He yelled in fear and runs away.

Marco: Wow! That's some anger issues, Jazzi.

Jazzi: Come on, mouselings. Let's go!

A moment later:

Angelina: Come on, everyone. We just have to make it to the oasis.

Gracie: I'm running out of breath.

Viki: You can say that again.

AZ: Jazzi, aren't you hungry?

Jazzi: I'm fine, AZ. Thank you.

Angelina: Are we close, Jazzi.

Jazzi: I'm not so sure, Angelina.

AZ: Aw, man! We're doomed!

Alice: I'm positively sure we're lost in the middle of the desert.

Jazzi: Do not worry, mouselings. My home is not too far away.

Alice: It's getting to dark to follow the trail to your house.

Gracie: Mai oui. I'm all out of breath.

Marco: We'll rest here for the night and continue our journey tomorrow.

All the mouselings are sleeping. Just then, Marco had a bad dream.

Marco: (gasps) No! (breathes heavily)

Angelina: Marco, are you ok?

Marco: Yeah. I'm just very sorry I got us into this mess. I'm really worried about my Mom and Dad. And I had a bad dream about them just now. I hope they're ok, wherever they are.

Gracie: Do not lose faith, Marco, mon ami. Your parents are thinking about you too.

Viki: Everywhere you go, your parents will always be with you, no matter how far the journey might seem.

Jazzi: Good night, mouselings. You're the best friends that I ever met.

Angelina: Sweet dreams, everybody.

The next morning.

Jazzi: Wake up, mouselings. It's morning.

Alice: Let's go. Who knows where Marco's parents are right now.

Gracie: I don't know how much farther I can go.

Viki: Me neither.

Marco: We can't stop now.

AZ: Hey! What's that over there?

Angelina: What is it, AZ?

AZ: Can't you see it? Food! Chimichangas! Tacos! Calzones! They even got brownies! I'm in heaven!

Marco: I think AZ has lost his marbles. That's not normal for a ninja like him.

Jazzi: AZ is seeing mirage, Marco. The heat makes his brain do funny things sometimes.

AZ: Come on, guys! It's on the house!

Marco: AZ, you gotta snap out of it, right now!

Viki: Those aren't real food!

AZ: (gagging) Huh? What happened?

Alice: Look! What's that? It looks like trees!

Gracie: Trees? Seriously, Alice? Es tu sur?

Alice: Positive! I can still see them! It's real!

Viki: Me too! And when there's trees. There must be water!

Jazzi: It's the oasis!

Marco: We're saved!

Marco: Anyone going out for a swim?

AZ: Surf's up!

Angelina: Yippee!

After swimming across the river.

Jazzi: My home is somewhere around this area. Positive.

AZ: What the? Ouch! What was that?

Alice: (grunts) That's one angry tree dropping fruit to the ground.

Viki: Hey, they're falling from that tree up there!

Jazzi: Those are tamarinds, Viki.

Lars: Psst! Meine freundes!

All: Lars?

Lars: I am so glad you have made it.

Jazzi: We're so happy we found you, Lars.

Marco: Lars, what happened to my Mom and Dad?

Lars: I followed them. They seem a little bit tired.

Marco: Are they ok?

Lars: Very much so, friend Marco. They are on the way to the tomb.

AZ: It's too bad we have no idea where it is.

Lars: I see something far away across the distance. It looked like some old man's shack.

Jazzi: Come on, mouselings! We'll go there! That's my home!

Alice: What about the others? We can't let them get there first.

Jazzi: If we hurry, we can reach my house before nightfall.

AZ: So, Lars? Have you ever wanted to be a super spy?

Lars: Certainly, AZ, meine freunde. A super spy needs to be super stealthy, ja?

AZ: That's right. A super spy is always ready for action. Hey, want to see some of my best spy moves?

Lars: Ja! I'm very excited right now!

AZ: Ok, check this out! Missile drone! Deploy! Find Jazzi's house!

Jazzi: Wow, AZ. You really are a super spy!

AZ: My missile drone will show us the fastest way to your house, Jazzi. I'll get us there in no time.

Lars: Can you do anything else?

AZ: Sure I can! Night vision goggles!

Lars: What do I look like, AZ?

AZ: You're still you, only in night vision.

Lars: Cool, ja?

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