Angelina's Cheese Wars is a special episode of Season 3. It recasts the characters into Star Wars roles.


There are 3 episodes on this special, similar to the Star Wars trilogy.

Cheese Wars: Part IV:

A Rouqefort Rebel Ship is captured by a Stilton Star Destroyer. On the ship are the droids V-6TO (counterpart to C-3PO, played by Viki), G3-C3 (counterpart to R2-D2, played by Gracie) and the rebel leader Princess Leia (played by Angelina herself). While the ship is guarded by the Stilton Storm Troopers, Leia tries to send a photo to Parmesan Emmental (counterpart to Obi-Wan Kenobi, played by Maurice Mouseling) through G3, but encounters so many problems that G3 decides to send the photo herself. Soon, Leia is captured by Rat Vader (counterpart to Darth Vader, played by Sammy Watts) and G3 and V-6TO flee to Tatooine in an escape pod. Later, they soon meet up with three new friends, Luke Cheddarwalker (counterpart to Luke Skywalker, played by AZ), Han Solo (played by William John Longtail using a very gruff voice) and the nervous wreck Wookie Chewbacca (Chewie, played by Marco). Chewy's appearance is somewhat lion like in this special. Together, they rode on a new ship, the Millennium Feta. Then, Leia is imprisoned on the Death Swiss Cheese Star. Han, Luke and Chewie set off to rescue the captive princess. Han, Luke and Chewie rescue Leia and the four soon escaped. While escaping, Parmesan Emmental tells Luke to use the Force. Cowardly Chewie covers his eyes and asks Luke to tell him when it's over. Thanks to the Force, the Death Swiss Cheese Star is destroyed. Relieved, Chewie opens his eyes and wasn't cowering anymore. Luke and his friends celebrate their victory in the Roquefort Rebel base.

The Edam Empire Strikes Back:

The film begins with Luke Cheddarwalker being attacked by a wampa in a cave. At the Roquefort Rebel Base, Han Solo announces his intention to leave Princess Leia at the base for safety. When he finds out that Luke has not yet returned, he sends a droid to find him. Fortunately, Luke escapes the wampa lair and stumbled upon a hologram to reveal a vision of his late mentor Parmesan Emmental, who tells him to go see his new mentor, Mistress Wanda (counterpart to Master Yoda, played by Mrs. Mimi). Han soon locates Luke and the two are finally rescued. After the empire discovers the Roquefort Rebel Base, Rat Vader plans an attack. Suddenly, the Stilton Storm Troopers breaks in into the base, frightening Leia, V-6TO and Chewie. The three are rescued by Luke with the help of G3-C3. After the rescue, Han decides to dock inside a cave to repair their ship. They flee when they discover they have actually landed on the belly of a monster slug. Meanwhile, Luke meets Mistress Wanda. Soon, training for Luke begins. Han and the others go to Cheddar Cloud City on the planet Briepin to obtain help from Linda Clarissa (counterpart to Lando Calrissian, played by Matilda Mouseling) and her sister Carly (played by Polly) to stop Rat Vader. Rat Vader begins to capture Leia, a frightened Chewie as always and V-6TO. Luke comes to the rescue and the classic light saber battle begins. When Rat Vader announces that he is Luke's father, Luke was surprised and bewildered. Just before the story ends, Chewie tells Luke that it was the most ridiculous thing that he has ever heard.

Return of the Jarlsberg Jedi:

Luke Cheddarwalker is on a quest to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hut Rat with the help of Princess Leia, Linda Clarissa, Carly, Chewie, V-6TO and G3-C3. Leia infiltrates Jabba's palace disguised as a hunter with a frightened Chewie as her prisoner. Leia calmly explains to Chewie that this is all part of the rescue plan. Soon after, Luke and Han arrived, Jabba sentences them to death by feeding them to the sarlacc. After the battle with the sarlacc is over, Luke soon meets up with Mistress Wanda, who is struck with a bad cold. She tells him to continue his journey without her. She is too weak to follow him at the moment. She tells him that Luke's fight will be his own.

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