"A Song For Ms. Mimi (We Love You)" is a song performed by Angelina, Gracie and Viki to Ms. Mimi on her birthday in the episode "Angelina's Gift for Ms. Mimi" and The Angelina Ballerina Movie. Marco plays his guitar while the girls sing on Ms. Mimi's birthday party. In the movie version, all the mouselings sing a song to Lucy on her birthday.


Angelina, Gracie & Viki: Let's sing our song
On this your happy birthday
Won't take too long
Just one thing that we want to say
We love you
Yes, we do
Oh, we love you!

Angelina: We'd like to bring
Gracie & Viki: We'd like to bring
Angelina, Gracie & Viki: A very special gift to you
Angelina: And when we sing
Gracie & Viki: And when we sing
Angelina, Gracie & Viki: Each and every word is true
We love you
Yes, we do
Oh, we love you!

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