ABC For Kids is the primary broadcaster of Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps in Australia. Recent seasons are broadcast as part of the ABC Kids block on ABC2. Thomas was also shown on ABC1 prior to the CGI switchover.

ABC broadcasts many other children's shows, including other HiT Entertainment properties.

DVD List Edit

  1. Just Dance!
  2. It's Showtime!
  3. Angelina's Big News
  4. The Irish Jig
  5. Super Polly
  6. The Nutcracker Sweet
  7. The Secret Valentine
  8. The Shining Star Trophy
  9. Tummy Butterflies
  10. Ballerina Princess
  11. Musical Moves
  12. Superstar Sisters
  13. Hearts on Ice
  14. Dance Around the World
  15. Twists and Twirls
  16. On With The Show
  17. Mousical Medleys

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